Asda's Selling A Birthday Cake That Looks Just Like A Bucket Of Fried Chicken

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We love chicken, and we love cake. So, when we heard that Asda was selling a Birthday Bucket Cake (aka fried chicken shaped birthday cake), we couldn't help but let you guys in on this very valuable information.

Brand-new to Asda, the Birthday Bucket Cake comes complete with a soft Madeira sponge that's layered with jam, covered with frosting, coated in a speculoos biscuit crumb, topped with 'nuggets' and finished with a drizzle of raspberry jam.

Yep! We've never seen anything quite like this before.

Available in-store and online now, you can get your hands on this Birthday Bucket Cake for just 拢12. And did we mention it'll feed a whopping 20 people? SIGN. US. UP.

Asda says, "If you want to revolutionise what it means to wow your guests, the fried chicken style biscuit crumb and nuggets of mouth-watering cake atop the Birthday Bucket will blow every chicken lover鈥檚 mind."

And it doesn't stop there... Asda is selling a whole range of celebration cakes, all with the craziest designs. We're talking Ginny the Guinea Pig Cake (you heard me), a Cheeky Monkey Cake and even a Inside-Out Leopard Print Cake.

Whatever the occasion, Asda has a cake.

Looking for a something more sophisticated for your birthday soir茅e? Asda's also selling a Gordon's Pink Gin Cake, and it's the stuff of dreams.

Layered with pink and white sponge, sandwiched with a raspberry jam filling and decorated with a pearlescent pink ombre effect, this cake is topped with generous amounts of Gordon鈥檚 Premium Pink flavoured frosting, charming edible sugar pearls and dried raspberries. You're welcome...

Photo credit: Gordon's
Photo credit: Gordon's

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