Ariana Grande sports super short, cropped hair transformation to channel Gerry Fleck

Halloween is a time for all-out beauty experimentation, right?! Whether that be with a wig or even some prosthetics, on October 31st (or in this year's case, the weekend prior), everyone gets a free pass to rock a crazy hair, makeup and/or outfit look. And someone who just gave my Adam Sandler costume (don't ask) a run for its money is none other than Ariana Grande.

Taking to Instagram to debut her and her pal Liz Gillies' looks, Ari shared a 10-part carousel post featuring not one, not two, oh heck, three, yes THREE, different coordinating Halloween duo costumes. Together, the two recreated a variety of characters from the American mockumentary, Best in Show and even acted out a few of the scenes.

Now, as epic as the entire thing is, our favourite look of all has to be Ariana's Gerry Fleck transformation... though, Liz as Larry Miller is a close second. Scroll through to the third slide to see the singer's hilarious makeover:

For the look, Ariana is sporting a cropped hair wig and bushy stick-on 'brows complete with a 'fit to rival the original: a blue button-up shirt, layered with a bright yellow cardigan. Oh, and not to mention the retro-looking specs. Simply ✨iconic✨.

Just like us, Best in Show star, Jennifer Coolidge loved the transformation, writing: "This is f***ing great. I was gonna go as the young boy’s pet weasel from “The Watcher” but now I think I’m gonna go as @arianagrande’s dog Toulouse 😉".

And following in Jen's footsteps, friends and fans of the two also left a tonne of praise in the comments section. Read a select few below:

"Liz and Ari won Halloween 2022."

"This is an early Christmas gift. Thank you for doing the lords work."

"On an entirely other level. Academy Awards to you both and with haste!"

"This is beyond genius. Best thing on the internet."


"Epic beyond epic"

I mean, how can this ever be topped? Spoiler: the answer is that it can't...

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