Ariana Grande reveals her natural skin texture, before detailing her 'secret music video' makeup routine

If skin desire – nay, skin envy – was ever to be proved as a real, valid emotion, it would be now. And why's that? I hear you ask. Well, after seeing Ariana Grande's natural complexion, I now have the urge (as one does every month post-menstruation breakouts) to revitalise my already sufficient skincare routine into something with overnight acne-clearing abilities (read: supernatural powers). Blemishes, be gone! In the name of my 'eternal sunshine', please.

Now, while my wishes for a hyperpigmentation-free, poreless, porcelain doll face may take a few weeks – and many clinical treatments – to achieve, Ari is proving that such a thing is actually attainable with her most recent makeup-free post on Instagram.

On the r.e.m. beauty IG account (Ariana's makeup brand), the star donned a bare, makeup-free face before proceeding into an everyday makeup tutorial. But before we get into the details of every single product used, we all, collectively, must take a mo' to appreciate how flawless Ari's skin is.

"The skin is... skinning," she says after admiring her natural complexion and t0 that, we couldn't agree more. Please, girl, drop the skincare routine?!

Alas, what has been dropped are the products that the beauty mogul used to achieve her look for a mystery music video – as she shares when introducing the above tutorial. So, get your notepads and pens at the ready because we've got all the deets...

First off, Ariana starts by blending out her chosen foundation and concealer with a beauty sponge before setting the liquid products in place with a translucent powder. She then contours and highlights her nose, interestingly, with her finger.

Next up, the singer makes use of two different eyeshadow palettes to create a subtle smokey eye, blending a chocolate brown shade through the crease and winging it out into an elongated cat eye shape. Then, Ari lines her eyes with a darker brown-black shadow, which she then tops off with a lick of mascara and a pair of fluttery lashes. Finishing the eyes, she fills in any gaps between her falsies and natural lashes with liquid eyeliner.

For the lips, the r.e.m. beauty founder mixes three lip glosses, which she says is "insane". Though, we have to disagree, because we think it's totally necessary... anything in the name of ✨glam✨. And last but by no means least, Ari contours her cheeks with the same satin matte bronzer used on her nose before setting the entire look with a matte setting spray.

And that, my friends, is, as Ari puts it herself, "something like a daydream". BRB while I break the bank and stock up on every single product used... Just girlie things, amirite?

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