Ariana Grande puts a 'swooped' twist on her trademark half up half down hairstyle

If you thought you had been through a lot this year (no, bc same), just try being Ariana Grande's scalp for a minute. I mean, not that I've had the honour(?) but just thinking about the many bleach baths and upscale ponytails she's undergone in 2022 alone is enough to make anyone's roots feel a little strained.

Having said that, it seems the star has opted for a little tension release (quite literally) in the form of wearing her locks in a low-styled half-up half-down hairdo. Yep, she's brought her trademark look down a few pegs... again, quite literally.

In a recent Instagram video reel, the singer-songwriter wore her locks the style, created by celebrity hairstylist Carl Bembridge. Peep the levelled up (or is it levelled down?) version of her signature look below:

Now, as much as we love Ariana's cute-sy reveal of the hairdo, Carl had other ideas, taking to his very own IG feed to name the hairstyle. In a post shared just a few weeks back where Ari is wearing the very same look (but in a different outfit), he wrote in the caption: "Swooped Half Up Half Down". Original, right?!

Oh, and 'what makes this a winter trend?' I hear you ask. Well, seeing as this isn't the first time Ari has rocked the look, we think she's well underway to making it her new signature look. In which case, I'd place 99 bets on her fans, aka you Arianators, recreating the hairstyle in due course.

After all, it requires minimal effort and little to no heat damage, so, it's a win-win if you ask me!

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