Ariana Grande looks totally different with her hair down and styled straight

Ariana Grande is known for both her trademark sleek half-up hairdo and the polished, yet what looks to be headache-inducing, ponytail. They're both her signature go-to's and we have to applaud her unwavering commitment to the styles.

However, in her latest Instagram post, Ari has thrown that all out of the window, ditching everything and anything we've ever known her to be. OK, maybe a tad dramatic, but the new look is so different (for Miss Grande) that we almost didn't recognise her.

You know that one scene in Wild Child where Poppy gets her blonde to brunette dramatic makeover (13 year-old me could not get enough of it), and Kate told her: "you look so... English"? Yeah, well, this look is reminding us of that exact moment.

Scroll through to the third pic to see what we're talking about:

Of course, the singer has been brunette for some time now (blonde Ariana feels like a fever dream, no?), however, it's not the colour we're focusing on but the way it has been styled straight. She looks so grand[e]!

And naturally, this wouldn't be a complete beauty breakdown if we didn't acknowledge that makeup look. The golden eye gems are such a serve with the fluttery lashes, minimal face beat and a full pink lip.

Seeing as just a month ago we saw the pop star sport Kim Kardashian's famous wet-look mermaid waves, could this perhaps be the end of her iconic snatched hairstyle era? Who knows! But as we always say, beauty trends come and go, yet our love for Ari remains forever.

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