Ariana Grande fans react to Positions deluxe edition: ‘We are crying’

Ariana Grande is engaged  (AFP via Getty Images)
Ariana Grande is engaged (AFP via Getty Images)

Ariana Grande fans are rejoicing after the pop star released her deluxe edition of her Positions album, which features four brand new tracks.

The four songs are “someone like u (interlude)”, “test drive”, “main thing” and “worst behavior”.

One fan tweeted: “I’m bumping so hard to ‘test drive’ and ‘main thing’ why did Ariana have to pop off like this.”

“I’m crying this is so good, thank you Ariana,” one wrote of “test drive”.

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Grande released the original version of Positions in October last year.

In The Independent’s three-star review, critic Adam White called the album “woozy and flirtatious” but criticised Grande for sticking to her comfort zone.

“This is a record firmly in her vibey R&B wheelhouse, dominated by sparse midtempos and fluttering melodies,” the review said.

“Production duties remain in the hands of those she’s always worked with (TBHits, who’s been on staff since her debut, is credited on every track) – though Max Martin and Ilya Salmanzadeh, the ubiquitous Swedes behind many of her biggest pure-pop hits, are no-shows.

“Lockdown probably didn’t help in terms of collaborators, with Positions seemingly recorded at home or over Zoom, comfort zones fully stayed in.”