April Student of the Month: Canadian's Weldon Harrison

Apr. 20—Where do you want to go to college and why?

I want to go to Northeastern State University because I feel that NSU can help me grow as an individual. Moreover, I also believe that NSU will guide me in finding a career that I can both be happy in doing and be proud of being a part of.

What is your list of accomplishments, including scholarships received?

While I have no scholarships as of now, I do have some things I am proud of calling my accomplishments:

—Salutatorian of my graduating class

—Been accepted into NSU

—Gone to a Youth Leadership Summit in San Francisco through the GEAR-UP Program

—Served as a page in the Oklahoma State Senate

—Going to an Underwater Robotics stem program at Stanford University

—Will graduate High School with 15 college credit hours from Eastern Oklahoma State College

What drives you to succeed?

My family drives me to succeed. Many times, I have tried to settle for less or try to take the easier, less rewarding path. And every time, my family has helped me realize that I can succeed and that I should keep on with the harder, more rewarding path.

Who inspires you to excel in school and why?

My mom inspires me to excel in school because of how hard she works to get me all the opportunities and chances I have been blessed with now and a multitude of times in the past.

What community activities are you involved in and what drives you to give back to the community?

For community activities, I serve as a volunteer at Dream City Church in McAlester and as an extra set of hands at my school whenever they may need help. In addition, what drives me to give back to my community is that I believe in the phrase "what comes around, goes around". That being because whenever I find myself needing help, the people I usually help, seem to always be willing to aid me.

What are your extracurricular activities and how do they improve your education?

My extracurricular activities are esports and DnD club. I believe that these activities improve my education because I feel that they help me temporarily focus on something else and have some fun while I'm at it. This helps me to feel more refreshed and eager to get back to learning than what I would be without these activities.

How would a new car help achieve your future goals?

I believe a new car would help me achieve my future goals because of the reliability of it. With a new car, I'll feel more comfortable driving to different places, meaning that I will be more open to any potential opportunities I may come across in the future. Additionally, with a new car, I won't have to worry about any car payments, making me not as financially tied down if an amazing opportunity comes around.

—Derrick James