"I applied my faux freckles with a piece of broccoli and the results were interesting, to say the least"

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I used a piece of broccoli to apply my makeup...TikTok @CosmopolitanUK - Hearst Owned

Not to brag, but I have tried many TikTok trends in my time *insert Debby Ryan meme, here*. From viral makeup products that claim to give falsie-like lashes to weird and wonderful hacks, tips and tricks galore, you name it, I've done it, put it on my face, worn the T-shirt, yada yada, etc. etc. And today's latest social media trend is no exception – that is, in the wow-factor department – having taken me on an office detour to Tesco in order to pick up a piece of broccoli (yes, broccoli) to assist me with said trend... please, bear with me here, folks.

When scrolling on my FYP one late night, I had to do a double take for what I had stumbled upon led me to believe that my eyes – albeit tired – were deceiving me. However, since then, the number of friends that have sent me a variation of the video in question asking (read: begging) for me to try it, confirms that surprisingly, my eyes were, in fact, correct. Though, spoiler: the Leo moon and sun in me knew that I was right, all along *wink, nudge*.

'But what could it be,' I hear you long to ask. Well, among many users on the app, creator Danielle Bernstein shared a video of herself applying faux freckles with a floret of broccoli. And somewhat validating the supposed hype, Ca Martins also tried it out, with her video amassing over six million views alone. Impressive, much?

While I'm sure you don't need me to explain much further, as shown, this method of applying makeup allows you to achieve the faux freckle trend with ease (minus the extensive and recurring spend on broccoli and endless trips to the supermarket but hey, who's counting?).

Simply chop off a small floret from the vegetable head, dip it into your favourite bronzing product and lightly dab it across your nose, forehead and chin. Sounds easy, right? Well, while the above creators seem to have found success in this hack, I wanted to try it out for myself. Watch me put it to our coveted Cosmo Hype test, below:

For my attempt, I opted for a liquid contour, specifically the e.l.f. Cosmetics Halo Glow Contour Beauty Wand, £9. My instinct told me to dab the product on the back of my hand to diffuse some of the pigment and then, go in with my broccoli applicator.

Interestingly, on first broccoli-to-skin-touch, I was... impressed. Upon further blotting, however, I realised that less is more and that going in with too much broccoli power and product can result in a mud-like mess.

As for the final result? Well, it's safe to say that I approve of broccoli being used as an applicator to apply natural-looking faux freckles. Having said that, I (unfortunately) do not think it will be a regular occurrence in my routine. Boo me, I know.

Now, if a brand, someone – anyone!! – can just make a makeup brush with broccoli-like bristles, I (and I'm sure the rest of the BeautyTok community) will be forever grateful.

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