Apple Launch Meditation & Mindfulness to Help You Take Moments of Calm as Seriously as Fitness

  • Apple watch's latest updates bring new ways to unwind and relax with the introduction of the 'Reflect' feature

  • Apple fitness+ users will also have access to the newly launched meditation classes

  • Meditation is available as both video and audio depending on preference

  • Other new additions to the watch and fitness+ include fall detection for cyclists, the introduction of pilates and a ski season prep workout series

Two new features of the Apple Watch have been designed to calm you down. We're still processing the sharper ends of the pandemic so chances are we could all do with a bit of that.

First up, there's a new addition, added to the newly created mindfulness app that comes with all of the fitness watches using watchOS 8: Reflect.

Accompanying the (sometimes divisive) Breathe reminder, the Reflect feature invites you to take a moment out of your day, but rather than relying on your ability to shift your focus yourself, it offers you options for moments to think about.

A short message or cue will appear on your watch screen and invite you to think about something other than your ever-expanding inbox.

These notes are based around three themes: renew, connect and grow.

'Think about something you love to do and why it brings you joy,' is one such message you may receive. Not dissimilar to a gratitude journal for the digital age.

Apple fitness+ users will also find something else in the mindfulness app: guided meditation.

Coming in at 5, 10, and 20 minutes long, Apple have worked with themes again to bring sessions they hope will appeal to people who already partake in the practice and those who may be a touch sceptical.

Speaking about the arrival of meditation, yoga instructor and meditation guide Jessica Skye says, 'One of my favourite parts of Fitness+ is the team’s passion for building an accessible platform for fitness and wellness that is welcoming to all and suits you wherever you are on your journey to live a healthy life.

'The same applies with Meditation, and having it as part of the Fitness+ experience will not only mean you have it at your finger tips (for both video and audio experiences), but you can easily start with just 5 minutes.

'Even on your busiest days, a 5 minute Meditation can really do wonders as you begin to explore being more mindful and are guided by the themes we’ve curated, such as Gratitude, Kindness and Wisdom.

'Meditation has been such an amazing tool to help me live a happy and healthy life, so I’m beyond excited to share our work with the Fitness+ community.'

If hitting targets is one of your key motivators, your fitness app will now also track the minutes you spend on these mindful moments.

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