Apocalypse Wow: Inside The Luxury Doomsday Bunkers Designed To Protect The Global Elite

Apocalypse Wow: Inside The Luxury Doomsday Bunkers Designed To Protect The Global Elite. A Swiss company have designed a series of apocalypse-proof bunkers for 'the most powerful individuals in the world’. Oppidum has unveiled its new L' Heritage 10,760 sq. ft fortified underground bunkers, described as 'optimised for super-luxury everyday lifestyle, while prepared for all surface threats’. Designed by French architect Marc Prigent, the new bunkers have been made for “unprecedented times” says the company. Arriving by surface helicopter pad, home-owners can descend almost 50ft below ground to enter a garage space designed for prestige car collections. After passing through an airlock, fully equipped as a decontamination chamber, features include a private art gallery secure meeting lounge, comfortable bedroom suites, indoor garden, spa and other leisure amenities for everyday use. The airlock is guarded by two blast doors, with the outer door controlled by a multi-biometric reader that simultaneously scans face, iris, palm and fingerprints. An optional armoury can be installed and you can sleep easy knowing the structure is built to NATO-standard ballistic and blast protection levels using high-density concrete with the same formulation used to build nuclear power plants. Other features of the bunker include NASA-level technology which allows stocks of nutritious food to be stored for months or even years. Water is supplied from deep underground by a private well, entirely independent of the public supply. In terms of price, an entry-level Oppidum starts at $10 million, with no upper limit. The L’Heritage model is around $100million, the CEO explained, with the final price depending on location, size and fit out.