Anthony Joshua Explains What He Wants His Boxing Legacy to Be

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AJ Explains What He Wants His Legacy to Look LikeJames Chance - Getty Images

The question on every boxing fan's lips right now: what's next for Anthony Joshua? Is the two-time world heavyweight boxing champion about to re-enter the big time, with fights against the sport's biggest names, such as Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury, or is he already too world weary to really compete at the heavyweight division's top table.

It's a question the man himself has pondered, and Men's Health recently sat down with a calm, cool and collected AJ to get his thoughts.

It turns out, health is at the forefront of Joshua's mind when thinking about his professional future. After a victorious win against Jermaine Franklin, he hit back at Instagram critics who called for the 'old AJ' to make a return, saying 'I’m sure you guys just want to see a war. But you don’t care about my health.'

Now, speaking to MH, Joshua admits that he doesn't want to be the kind of fighter who wins wars in the ring, but the loses the bigger battle: having a healthy life. 'In boxing,’ he says, ‘people walk in the gym one way and not many walk out the same way, because of the trauma and the stuff they put their body through. I want my legacy to be, I walked out healthy.'

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'Imagine me at the age of 50 or 60 in a wheelchair – fragile because of the trauma I put my body through. My legacy should be when I'm old, I'm still fresh. I want people to say, "Oh wow, he still looks good, he still looks after himself." That's a legacy.'

For the minute at least, Joshua's professional career is far from over, 'I'm down to fight,' he says.

Who he's 'down to fight' is the obvious next question, and potential showdowns with Wilder and Fury have boxing fans salivating over the prospect of seeing the sport's heavyweights go head to head. Wilder has previously said that a bout against Joshua would be his 'dream fight', and it seems his dreams may about to become a reality.

'In December potentially there is a big fight that should be cracking with me and Wilder,’ Joshua says. ‘It has been a long time coming. There are a lot of moving shapes at the minute, a lot of things happening, so one step at a time. But it has been a long time coming, for sure.'

Anthony Joshua was speaking at the launch of the Under Armour Next Academy, an athletic programme designed to identify, train, and develop London’s young athletes at the new Battersea Power Station Brand House. 'It's all about internal growth' says Joshua 'The UA Next Academy are gonna create a community of healthy, good spirited individuals and I can't wait to see the benefit that this academy has for the leaders of tomorrow.' Those who are keen to apply to be part of the UA Next London programme can apply here.

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