Anthony Hopkins celebrates 47 years of sobriety

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Sir Anthony Hopkins celebrated 47 years of sobriety on Thursday.

The Oscar-winning actor posted a video on social media on Thursday night to celebrate his sobriety milestone and offer advice to anyone who might be feeling depressed, anxious or bullied.

"I just want to wish everyone a happy new year, and also to say I'm celebrating 47 years today of sobriety," the 84-year-old told viewers.

Describing himself as a "recovering alcoholic", The Silence of the Lambs actor admitted he possibly didn't have long to live when he decided to quit drinking in 1975.

"Forty-seven years ago, I was in a desperate situation in despair and probably not long to live and I just happened to acknowledge one day that there was something really wrong with me, but I didn't realise that it was a kind of condition, a mental, physical, emotional condition called alcoholism or addiction," he shared.

Offering his advice to those struggling, Hopkins suggested, "Be kind to yourself, be kind, stay out of the circle of toxicity with people if they offend you, live your life, be proud of your life."

He also told people to talk to someone they trust and to never feel ashamed about asking for help.

Hopkins received praise for his message in the Instagram comments from the likes of Hugh Jackman, Naomi Campbell, Alec Baldwin and Trudie Styler.