Ant and Dec leave fans 'vomiting' after sharing unusual food creation

TV duo and best buds Ant and Dec have left fans ‘vomiting’ after their unusual food creation, and it’s nothing to do with I’m A Celebrity.

The pair took to their Instagram account to experiment in honour of World Chocolate Day. Dec said: “I thought I’d try something a little bit different," much to Ant’s dismay.

He then proceeded to get some chickpeas, to make chocolate hummus, which is met by a rather rude gesture from Ant. “It’s all the rage," Declan said as he began to pour the chickpeas into a blender. He then added almond milk and almond nut butter before a dash of maple syrup.

Ant and Dec looking at each other
Ant and Dec created chocolate hummus for World Chocolate Day -Credit:Instagram/@antanddec

The dad of one wasn't finished there, as he then added some cocoa butter to the concoction. He then followed up with a slab of chocolate, before blending it all together.

Although, things don’t go to plan when the pair see and taste the creation as Ant called his bestie a “very bad man.” “Taste Mates: Don’t try this at home edition #WorldChocolateDay,” they captioned the hilarious post.

It looks like fans were less than impressed with the creation, as they took to the comments to share their disgust. “Gordon Ramsey is out there, somewhere, crying,” joked one follower.

Dec chocolate hummus
Dec made chocolate hummus but Ant wasn't impressed -Credit:Instagram/@antanddec

“Dec i love u but what u just did is a crime,” a second unimpressed fan wrote. “Brilliant! Definitely won’t be trying that one, you definitely haven’t sold it to me,” laughed a third.

“Nah.... I don't think it will catch on....,” said another, along with a vomiting emoji. And one entertained fan penned: “disgusting but so funny to watch!”

It’s not the only dish the two have created for World Chocolate Day with Taste Mates. A couple of days ago, Ant and Dec attempted to make their kids’ favourite, chocolate covered cornflakes, which luckily, was more of a success.

Ant and Dec
Fans weighed in on their concoctions on social media -Credit:Instagram/@antanddec

The also celebrated Baked Bean month by making a sausage, bean and cheese pasty. Again, their pasty received a better reception than their chocolate hummus did, as some fans even called for them to have their own cooking show.

“Brilliant guys aw Dec your poor pasty and Ant's beans looked really hot give these two their own cooking show it would be fab,” penned one. Another said: “You should do this as a show, so funny!”

"That pasty looks so nice," commented a third, while another praised: "LOVE this series!"