Will there be another season of Channel 4's Before We Die?

The second season of Channel 4's gripping drama, Before We Die, arrived earlier this month and it's safe to say viewers have been glued to their screens.

The series stars Lesley Sharp as Bristol-based detective Hannah Laing, who is fighting to protect her estranged son from the dangerous Mimica crime family, as well as take down the family's matriarch, Dubravka.

If like us, you've already binge-watched all five episodes on All4, you may be wondering if there's another season in the works. Here's all we know…

Will there be a season 3 of Before We Die?

Channel 4 has yet to confirm whether Hannah and the rest of the team will return for a third outing.

Whether or not TV shows return for another season tends to depend partly on the ratings and how well the show does in the first few weeks of its release.

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Considering viewers have been praising the new episodes over the past two weeks, we're hopeful that the series will be back again.

Lesley Sharp and Kazia Pelka
Lesley Sharp and Kazia Pelka

Not only that, but the stars of the drama have made it clear that there's more of the story to be told.

When asked if she'll be back for more series, Lesley told Channel 4: "Well, it's quite compulsive, isn't it? If this one goes well and people engage with it, I think everybody would be up for pushing forward with more."

Vincent Regan as Billy in Before We Die
Vincent Regan as Billy in Before We Die

Similarly, Billy Murdoch actor Vincent Regan said: "You feel there's more story to be told. Unofficially, we've all sat around and gone, where could the story go?"

What is Before We Die about?

In the first season, we meet Hannah, a detective on the verge of retirement who is propelled back into action when her estranged son Christian [Patrick Gibson] begins working for the Mimica crime family.

Lesley Sharp as Hannah Laing and Vincent Regan as Billy Murdoch
Lesley Sharp as Hannah Laing and Vincent Regan as Billy Murdoch

By the end of the series - after a dramatic explosion in the finale - Christian had fled in an attempt to hide from the Mimicas and Hannah was determined to uncover the source in the police department leaking information to the crime family.

Season two opens with a determined Hannah, who is on a mission to take down Dubravka, the Mimica family matriarch, in order to protect Christian, who is hiding out with Dubravka's daughter, Bianca.

Patrick Gibson plays Christian
Patrick Gibson plays Christian

Chatting about where Hannah's at when we meet her again in season two, Lesley explained that her character is in therapy following the traumatic events of the first series. "Series one showed that she is both a flawed mother and really good at her job," she said. "By the end of that, she has killed a young man and her son has had to go into hiding, so she has plenty to process. 

"The therapy has been provided by the police department, so they can be certain that she's capable and competent and stable. Her focus, though, is on Christian and shutting the Mimicas down."