Annual Master Gardeners Sale set for June 1

May 20—PLATTSBURGH — It's time to lineup for the annual Clinton County Master Gardeners' Plant Sale, which will be held Saturday June 1, from 9 a.m. until all the plants are sold.

"It's at the Clinton County Fairgrounds," Linda Noyes, a master gardener, said.

"Last year, we had 700 perennials. I don't know how many we are going to have. We never know until that day of the sale, but we've got a really good selection of so far of perennials that do well in shade, perennials that do well in the sun, native plants that are great for this area, upstate New York."

Offerings will include hand — grown vegetables, tomatoes, peppers and herbs.

"We have some fruit," she said.

"There will be raspberry, blackberry and strawberry plants. When they come to the sale, they will receive a whole listing of all the things we have to offer in the sale. They will see pictures of what the perennials will look like when they're full grown."

Proceeds from the sale funds Master Gardeners' programming throughout the county such as at nursing homes and schools.

"So that money gets spread all over the county, which is a nice thing," Noyes said.

"All the plants are either grown by us from seed or they come from divisions in our yards. We are being very careful not to infect the plants with jumping worms or anything. We are rinsing the plants off before we put them in the pot, so we are being extra careful this year because we know that jumping worms are in this area and they are an invasive."

Prices are as marked. Most perennials are $6 each or six for $30.

"The vegetables will be either $1, $2, $3, or $4, that we mark with dots to indicate the prices," she said.

"We, usually, do sell out. There is a line there starting at 8 o'clock. It's a big thing. You can buy as many plants as you want."