Anne Hathaway, 39, practically broke the internet with her toned legs in this tiny mini dress

Anne Hathaway has been completely crushing the fashion game lately (did you see her outfits at Cannes?!). So, naturally, she came to play at the Valentino haute couture autumn/winter show.

The 39-year-old actress rolled up in a pink sequinned mini dress, accessorised with matching, sky-high, neon-pink heels and miles of toned legs. The heels were, admittedly, the stars of the show. BRB, adding them to my wishlist.

Photo credit: Ernesto Ruscio - Getty Images
Photo credit: Ernesto Ruscio - Getty Images

Anne has had some seriously leggy moments lately. And everyone is absolutely loving it. There was this Cannes look (also with a mini dress, because of course):

This look for the WeCrashed premiere:

And this Today Show outfit:

Anne hasn’t shared a ton about her workouts these days, but she did talk a bit about prepping hard for her role as Rebekah Neumann in WeCrashed.

'I don’t really go as immersive as I did before I had kids,' Anne told Stephen Colbert on The Late Show. 'Rebekah is a very passionate vegan. I was a raw vegan.' Anne said that she told her husband that she had decided to become vegan after trying it out, only to decide a few weeks later that she 'needed a burger.'

Anne also dove into yoga for the part. 'I really want to thank my teacher who worked with me every single day getting ready to play Rebekah,' she said.

Anne’s former trainer Ramona Braganza told Women’s Health UK that the two will do one-hour workouts in the morning before a big event (like the Oscars), and that she’s big on using music as a motivator. 'For most actresses, training in a gym can be monotonous, so we’d use music during workouts,' Braganza said.

As for what, exactly, they did, Braganza said she had Anne on a combo of cardio and strength training. 'We’d use my 321 Training Method,' she said. 'It involves cardio, circuit, and core work, using resistance tools to achieve strength.'

I'd say she can consider that goal accomplished!

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