Anna Kendrick never felt Kristen Bell 'liked' her

Anna Kendrick used to think Kristen Bell didn't "like" her.

During an appearance on Dax Shepard's Armchair Expert podcast, which was published on Monday, host Dax revealed that he has never seen his wife Kristen become "jealous" over anyone - except for when she saw the Pitch Perfect actress perform for the first time.

"In the whole 15 years, she's had nothing but benevolence for everyone and she monitored you, recognised how brilliant you were, lost some roles to you and slowly processed the whole thing and has nothing but wonderful feelings for you," he said. "You're the only person that ever made her jealous that I witnessed."

In response, Anna insisted that she found the news to be "bizarre" but also always felt that Kristen, 42, wasn't a fan due to "some energetic thing".

"I had been debating, depending on how this conversation went, sort of saying, 'Gosh, I actually have a funny thing with your wife where I never felt like she liked me,'" the 37-year-old responded. "I do think that a massive percentage of that is just genuinely, when it comes to really sweet angelic blonde girls, I just assume they think I'm weird, they think I'm this weird little troll. I don't think of Kristen as short, I think of her as this angel - she's just so sweet and I feel so rough around the edges that I was like, 'She must not like me.'"

Later, Dax maintained that Kristen had always "liked" Anna, but was simply envious of her talent.

"I just want to say that for the record. Never disliked, jealous, which I'd never seen," he stated, to which the star gushed that she has always viewed Kristen to be "'unbelievably talented and successful at all the things".