Anna Delvey Confirms Details Of Her New Reality Show Called ‘Delvey’s Dinner Party’

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Anna Delvey Confirms Details Of New TV ShowAlexi Rosenfeld/AD - Getty Images

Inventing Anna, the Neflix series directed by Shonda Rhimes and starring Julia Garner as the faux German heiress Anna Delvey, was one of the most-watched and talked-about shows of 2022. But now, the real-life Anna 'Delvey' Sorokin – who was recently released from prison after almost five years, and still remains under house arrest – is planning to reclaim her story by developing a TV show of her own.

Speaking exclusively with Page Six, Sorokin's criminal defence lawyer Duncan Levin – who helped free Sorokin from custody in October 2022 – revealed details earlier this month about what to expect from the project. 'It's going to be dealing with her art and design and it will deal with her as a person and as a talented artist,' said Levin.

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Julia Garner plays Anna Delvey in Inventing Anna on NetflixNICOLE RIVELLI/NETFLIX - Netflix

And now, Sorokin herself has come out with further details about the show – and got us even more excited. In a recent statement, Sorokin announced that her reality show would be called Delvey's Dinner Club and consist of a series of 'invitation-only, intimate dinners' at her East Village apartment (where she is currently under house arrest) with 'actors, musicians, founders, socialites, journalists and other esteemed guests.'

Unveiling further details, the statement continued: 'The show will go behind the scenes with Anna as she reinvents herself and her name, reintroducing herself to New York City and the world, one dinner party at a time. Through fly-on-the-wall footage and interviews with Anna and her guests, Delvey's Dinner Club will highlight the dichotomy of her house arrest-driven isolation during the day and the experience of company and festivity when she opens her apartment doors to her guests—and viewers—at night.'

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Anna ’Delvey’ Sorokin seen in New York wearing an ankle monitor, October 2022MEGA - Getty Images

It's a chance for Sorokin to finally set the record straight on what really happened, or at least attempt to. As her lawyer Levin has previously said, 'The collateral consequences of criminal convictions are really ruinous. Everyone she speaks to initially thinks of her as a con artist and so she has an uphill battle. Every single meeting, every single time she’s talking to somebody to say, "Give me a chance to do this."'

Levin was also keen to dispel popular stereotypes about Sorokin's character, which were only amplified by the recent Netflix series Inventing Anna. 'She is really a lot more than the worst thing that she’s alleged to have ever done,' he told Page Six. 'She is a great client. She’s actually very pleasant and very funny and people think that they know her because they’re thinking about the [Julia] Garner character.'

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