What are angel numbers and what do they mean?

Angel numbers are part of the system of Numerology which is an ancient metaphysical belief in the power of numbers and letters. Numerologists believe that everything in the Universe vibrates at a sub atomic level, giving it a frequency, including letters and numbers. So there is meaning and resonance in our personal name, our birthday, even our house number!

So, what are angel numbers?

Angel numbers are a means of the Universe getting your attention and focusing it on something you need to address. It does this by repeatedly presenting you with a short sequence of recurring numbers e.g. 222 or 1111. There are usually just three or four numbers in total. You might notice them on digital clocks, locker codes, your phone, receipts, license plates, your bank data, timers, even in your dreams. You might even wake up at a certain time every night e.g. 02:22. Over time, you will start to notice this phenomenon and that’s the idea. Your attention is required. You are being given a big, fat cosmic nudge. So what do you do about it?

How do you spot an angel number?

Well, the trick is in deciphering what the recurring numbers actually mean (don’t worry, I’m getting to that). Once you know that, you know what the Universe wants you to look into or work on, and then you had probably better get on and do it because, otherwise, those numbers will just keep on coming.

Fun fact: the sequence 11:11 is the most common recurring sequence, witnessed by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Such is its power, if you do spot it, then pay extra close attention to what is going on right at that very moment, or to what you’re thinking.

What do the different angel numbers mean?

111 angel number meaning

Time to start again, make a fresh start, break away and do your own thing. Be a pioneer.

222 angel number meaning

Love might be just around the corner. Heal a relationship, collaborate, cooperate, join forces.

333 angel number meaning

Stop gossiping, be social and fun, express yourself, get creative, write a story, travel, explore.

444 angel number meaning

Take control, start saving, make an investment. Focus on your future, get healthy, build and be honest.

555 angel number meaning

Take a chance. Break free, go on an adventure, travel and prepare to make a big change.

666 angel number meaning

Spruce your home, reunite with family and friends, show love, take responsibility, settle down.

777 angel number meaning

Study, research, pray, meditate, practice divination, get spiritual, reflect inwardly.

888 angel number meaning

Budget, address financial issues, make career changes, consider going solo, rise above the ego.

999 angel number meaning

Prepare for completion and endings. Accept the cycle of life, heal, surrender, give and resolve conflicts.

Can you actually attract an angel number into your life?

Sure. And it’s not a bad way to practice manifesting. The Law of Attraction is real. It works because everything in this Universe vibrates with its own frequency. All physical matter is just energy only differentiated by the vibrational frequency and the density of the atoms it is made from. The frequency of vibration can be high, low, or anywhere in between.

The Law of Attraction states LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE. High frequency energy (love, peace, joy, gratitude, kindness) attracts high frequency energy. So if you want whatever the above number sequence promises in your life then use that number as a talisman, a totem, a sigil, a focus for meditation. Try and draw that number into your life and see it everywhere, and you will also attract that number’s energy and power!

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