All About the Angel Number 111 and What It Means for Your Daily Life

In numerology, the Angel number 111 is associated with 'growth and enlightenment,' according to astrologer Lisa Stardust

Angel number 111
Angel number 111

Keep seeing the number 111 in your everyday life? There could be a special significance behind it.

Derived from numerology, the recurring numbers are most commonly known as Angel numbers, “a series of numbers that connect us with the divine,” astrologer and bestselling author Lisa Stardust tells PEOPLE.

Though not associated with astrology, Angel numbers reveal a lot about ourselves similar to zodiac signs.

“Each number and series of numbers has a significant meaning that evokes our intuition, subconscious, and the spiritual world,” Stardust adds. Appearing out of nowhere, such as on a clock or a license plate, these recurring numbers can often cause people to take a step back in their daily lives. “This makes them special because they're messages being sent to us,” Stardust adds.

While there are many different Angel numbers in numerology, from 000 to 777, they each hold unique significance.

Here’s what the Angel number 111 means and what you should do if you keep seeing it.

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What does the Angel number 111 mean?

If you see 1s repeated, it could mean that big changes are afoot. More specifically, the number 111 could mean that someone you love is watching over you.

Stardust notes that the Angel number 111 “signifies that your guardian angels are looking upon you, ushering you to a place of growth and enlightenment.”

“The idea has been brought to your attention and you're becoming aware of what you want to attain,” Stardust continues.

What should you do if you keep seeing the Angel number 111?

If you come across this Angel number, Stardust suggests you start manifesting, noting it’s important to make your intentions incredibly clear.

“Take note of what’s going on and how you can manifest new beginnings,” Stardust says. “Focus on positive thoughts, have an open mindset and embrace the energy. The universe is on your side, heightening your visions and goals.”

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How does the Angel number 111 affect your daily life?

There are a variety of ways the number 111 could affect your daily life. Since this Angel number is associated with new beginnings, it could mean a new chapter in your love story. It’s possible that you could “meet someone new who could be a romantic partner” or develop “a deeper connection with your significant other,” Stardust says. “You may discover things you never knew about them, giving you a fresh understanding of them.”

On the career front, this could mean good news as it pertains to your work, whether that be a big break or seeing your dreams become a reality. “You will receive good news that will put you on the right professional path,” Stardust posits.

Finally, this could apply to your platonic relationships. Specifically with friendships, this new era could “mean that divine timing is making you in sync with a bestie and forming an intuitive bond,” Stardust suggests.

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