‘It’s like an angel crying on your tongue’: Ryan Gosling reveals the ‘one’ dish he’d eat for the rest of his life

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Ryan Gosling has revealed the “one” dish he’d eat for the rest of his life in a new interview for Netflix’s Latin America YouTube channel.

Gosling is currently promoting his new Netflix film The Gray Man, directed by the Joe and Anthony Russo, and co-starring Chris Evans with Ana De Armas.

Gosling, 41, plays reluctant spy Sierra Six in the action-thriller which has earned positive reviews from Netflix viewers – despite lukewarm critical reception.

In the edited version of Gosling’s No Filter interview with Netflix Latin America, Gosling appears to answer the question about what his favourite dessert by saying: “It would be Eva’s mom’s Arroz con leche.”

He then adds: “It’s like an angel crying on your tongue.”

Gosling is married to Hollywood star Eva Mendes and the couple have two daughters – Esmeralda and Amada – together.

However, Mendes, who was born to Cuban parents, reposted Gosling’s unedited interview for the streaming company to her Instagram channel, minus the green screen and snazzy graphics.

The translated caption read: “Hey my Latinos! You have to hear this! It’s so sweet! It includes my mommy and [the word] ‘coño’”.

In it, Gosling says “If I had to eat one dish for the rest of my life, it would be Eva’s mom’s Arroz con leche”, before comparing it to gastronomic equivalent of the tears of an angel.

Arroz con leche or Mexican rice pudding is a sweet treat made with ingredients like rice, milk, cinnamon, vanilla, and raisins.

At a different point in the interview, Gosling says his favourite Spanish word is “coño”, noting that “you can’t use it incorrectly”.

“Coño” is Spanish slang for female genitalia but, according to dictionary.com, “it is often used in everyday speech with the versatile force of ‘damn’ or ‘f***’”.

The Gray Man was released on Netflix on 22 July and fans declared it was “actually really good” – despite what critics had to say about the film.

Gosling will return to the franchise for a sequel, it was confirmed on Tuesday. He will also be seen as Ken in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, with Margot Robbie cast as the titular, iconic Mattel doll.