Andy Murray and Kim Sears are the picture of happiness in Bahamas holiday pictures, prove Wimbledon naysayers wrong

British tennis ace and long-term love frolic in the sand in the Bahamas, our body language expert reveals the proof is in his smile

Andy Murray and Kim Sears were a couple arguably in desperate need of a holiday.

The British champion was clearly ready for a break too, as he wasted no time at all whisking girlfriend Kim Sears off on a romantic break to the Bahamas following his Wimbledon win.

The 26-year-old and his long-term love were the picture of happiness as they frolicked in the sand on their sun-kissed holiday, giggling as they played bat and ball by the sea.

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And despite Andy defeating world number one Novak Djokovic to take the Wimbledon trophy, Kim clearly had no qualms with taking him on - with the pair even pausing their game for a romantic embrace.

The couple, who have been dating for almost seven years, looked a world away from their appearances on Centre Court just a few weeks ago.

With Kim sat nervously in the stands and Andy feeling the frustration on the court, it was easy to misread their relationship and question their love for another.

According to body language expert Judi James, Kim and Andy's romantic display in the Bahamas is sure-fire proof of how the pair really feel for each other.

She told us: "There was so much tension in this couple's body language during Andy's centre court win that it was easy to get a false reading of their relationship.

"But seeing them alone together on holiday its clear exactly how besotted Andy is with Kim."

As Judi points out, seeing Andy beaming at Kim as they have a playful game on the beach is one of the most obvious signs of how he really feels.

"The most noteworthy 'tell' is his smile," Judi revealed. "Andy is so dour in Wimbledon Warrior mode that its easy to forget he's also a young guy in love."

She continued: "Here his smile is the wide open mouth 'teenager' variety that signals genuine happiness and fun.

"The pair indulge in play-fighting which is a sign of strong physical attraction and when they romp and charge about Kim looks rather competitive as though easily happy to keep up with her super-fit mate."

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