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Amazon Canada Boxing Day deal: This 'life-changer' AncestryDNA kit is 47% off

This unique DNA kit is on sale for under $70.

Amazon boxing day deal, AncestryDNA Genetic Ethnicity Test Kit on background of white and black photographs
Amazon Boxing Day 2022 deal: Save 47 per cent on AncestryDNA Genetic Ethnicity Test Kit (Photos via Amazon & Getty)

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a drill: Amazon Canada's Boxing Day sale is officially live.

Tucked among the thousands (upon thousands) of deals is AncestryDNA's famed Genetic Ethnicity Test Kit.

This unique DNA test kit can provide precise ethnicity estimates and in-depth historical insights, and right now, it's 47 per cent off — bringing the price down to $69.

To discover your family's history and save some serious cash, scroll below.

Save $60: AncestryDNA Test Kit

AncestryDNA Test Kit in box and phone screen Amazon canada
AncestryDNA Test Kit (Photo via Amazon)

$69 $129 at Amazon

The details

Ancestry started off as a way for people to explore their genealogy by accessing historical records like marriage certificates, military records and immigration and travel data.

Today, through the magic of DNA testing, Ancestry is making it easier for users to learn about their roots via AncestryDNA. The DNA testing service provides users with ethnicity estimates by region and can help identify new family connections. It should be noted that you can still explore your ancestry and DNA results without making yourself open to connecting with potential relatives; all you have to do is opt out of the feature to connect with people.

While there are other DNA kits on the market, Ancestry offers the largest database of samples (approximately 18 million samples to compare your DNA to) providing greater accuracy in ethnicity estimates and increased chances of matching with relatives.

It's a 'life-changer'

Ancestry's DNA Kit has earned an average rating of 4.6-stars on Amazon Canada based on more than 71,000 reviews (57,000 of which are five-star). Amazon users have called the Ancestry DNA Kit a "great gift" that can help you put together the pieces of your family history.

The kit's reviews include thousands of personal anecdotes from users who were able to find biological relatives and connect with distant family.

According to one shopper, they were able to find their biological father and brother using the DNA kit — "you gotta try it," they write.

It's a "very interesting and worthwhile" purchase, says another shopper. The kit offers a chance to "connect with others" and is something that people from "different generations" can enjoy.

Ancestry's DNA kit pulls from approximately 18 million samples to provide an ethnicity estimate.
Ancestry's DNA kit pulls from approximately 18 million samples to provide an ethnicity estimate. (Photo via Amazon)

$69 $129 at Amazon

A third user lauds the Ancestry DNA Kit as a "great way" to find out family history, especially for adoptees and blended households. It's a "life-changer," they write. "I was able to connect" with relatives "I didn't even know I had;" — "I recommend it to everyone!"

Despite its 55k+ five-star reviews, there are some things to consider when buying an Ancestry DNA Kit. Firstly, the DNA Kit gives you access to ethnicity estimates and DNA matches; however there are membership fees to access other features on

If you're looking for the basics of DNA information only, you'll likely enjoy the kit itself. However, if you're looking to build your family tree and explore your genealogy in-depth, you'll have to either sign up for a yearly Ancestry membership or pay a monthly fee.


Backed by millions of users, Ancestry DNA is a popular method to discover your family's genealogy. If you're looking to learn more about your heritage without the added information of health reports, Ancestry's DNA kit might be for you. However, if you're not ready to pay for a membership to access in-depth details about your family's history, you might want to reconsider — or manage your expectations about what you'll learn with your results.

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