Amy Schumer reveals she may have had Lyme disease 'for years'

Amy Schumer, photographed here at the The 74th Annual Peabody Awards Ceremony in 2015, has asked for advice in a recent Instagram post. (Getty Images)
Amy Schumer, photographed here at the Peabody Awards Ceremony in 2015, has asked for advice in a recent Instagram post. (Getty Images)

Comedian, Amy Schumer, 39, is seeking advice from her fans after admitting she may have been suffering from Lyme disease “for years”.

The new mum said she had been diagnosed with the bacterial infection over the summer and is currently taking doxycycline - an antibiotic used to treat Lyme disease.

“Anyone get LYME this summer? I got it and I’m on doxycycline. I have maybe had it for years. Any advice?” she wrote on Instagram.

The disease is spread to humans through ticks and many people will develop a tell-tale bullseye rash around the infected area in the first four weeks of being bitten.

Schumer said she was “excited to get rid” of the infection as her fans flooded the comments with self-help suggestions.

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In most cases, Lyme disease detected early will go away with antibiotics, but not everybody develops the tell-tale rash that makes it easy to spot.

Some will only develop flu-like symptoms in the early stages after being bitten which include a high temperature, headache, muscle and joint pain and loss of energy.

Justin Bieber recently spoke of the impact Lyme disease has had on him in a candid Instagram post.

The singer wrote: “While a lot of people kept saying Justin Bieber looks like s***, on meth etc. they failed to realize [sic] I've been recently diagnosed with Lyme disease.”

The first symptom of lyme disease is often a bullseye looking rash. (Getty Images)
The first symptom of Lyme disease is often a bullseye looking rash. (Getty Images)

While some people will get over the symptoms of Lyme disease quickly, others may suffer from tiredness, aches and loss of energy for years after the initial transmission.

The symptoms of this are often compared with those associated with chronic fatigue.

“It's not clear why this happens to some people and not others. This means there's also no agreed treatment,” The NHS guidelines state.

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Singer, Avril Lavigne, 35, described the impact of the disease as “debilitating” in an Instagram post of solidarity after Justin Bieber revealed his diagnosis.

Speaking of her experience, Lavigne wrote: “To everyone affected by Lyme, I want to tell you that there is HOPE. Because Lyme is a daily struggle, for the better part of two years, I was really sick and fighting for my life.”

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The majority of tick bites are harmless with Lyme disease only affecting people if the tick has already been infected with the virus.

In any case, it’s important to check for ticks on yourself and pets - particularly if you spend time in woodland areas - to reduce the risk of picking up the infection.

If a GP thinks a Lyme disease sufferer may be impacted long-term by the diagnosis, the NHS will offer further support to help the patient as they recover.