Amir Khan sends his £120,000 Range Rover to valet with his daughter still in the back seat

Amir Khan has revealed he accidentally left his daughter in the back seat of his car when he sent the vehicle to a valet service in Dubai.

The former boxing champion, 37, shares six year old Alayna, and her siblings; four year old Muhammad and Lamaisah, 10, with his wife Faryal Makhdoom.

Khan, whose family splits their time between Dubai, London and Bolton, forgot his six year old was still in the back of his £120,000 Range Rover when he sent it to be valeted in the United Arab Emirates.

In now deleted footage, Khan shared the moment he realised he had left Alayna – who looked severely unamused – in the car with his two million followers on Instagram.

“Sent the car for a valet, guess what? I left my daughter in the car boss,” the Olympic silver medalist said in the video recorded while waiting for the driver to bring his car back.

“Can you open the door?” he asked the driver, at which point Alayna appeared looking extremely unimpressed with her father while holding a pink mobile phone on her lap.

In the clip, Khan walked away from the car hand in hand with his six year old while his driver apologised repeatedly for the mistake.

Speaking about his approach to parenting on the BBC podcast How to Be a Man last year, Khan said he believes he’s an excellent father.

“I think I’m a better dad than their mum,” he claimed. “I’m going to get beaten up for this.”

Back in 2022, Khan and his wife were targeted by thieves while leaving a London restaurant. The sportsman was forced to hand over his bespoke rose gold diamond-encrusted Franck Muller watch, worth between £60,000 to £70,000, at gunpoint.

Khan, who retired from boxing with a professional record of 34 wins from 40 fights, told jurors his wife was left "screaming and crying" following the robbery.

"(I was) really scared. I have got three kids, my wife was next to me as well. (I was) really, really scared," he told the jury.

"I’m a sportsman, I’m a fighter. I have always been put in the toughest situations when I go into the ring and fight someone, but this was totally different, very, very scary."