Amir Khan forgot his daughter was in back seat of £120k Range Rover during valet service

Amir Khan and his daughter
-Credit: (Image: Instagram)

Amir Khan has found himself in hot water after accidentally leaving his daughter in his luxury Range Rover while it was being valeted.

The 37 year old boxing legend and Olympic medallist faced a parenting mishap in Dubai when he forgot his six year old daughter, Alyana, in the back of his £120,000 vehicle.

Amir, father to Muhammad, four, and ten year old Lamaisah with wife Faryal Makhdoom, who claimed she was dropped from Celebrity Big Brother due to her pro-Palestine views, took to social media to share the gaffe but swiftly removed the video. Despite the quick delete, the clip had already caught the attention of his two million Instagram followers, showing a less than pleased Alayna sitting inside.

Amir videoed himself as he went to collect his daughter -Credit:Instagram

Capturing the moment on camera as he awaited the return of both his car and child, Khan can be heard saying: "Sent the car for a valet, guess what? I left my daughter in the car boss."

He then requests the driver: "Can you open the door?" Alayna appears visibly upset, clutching her pink mobile phone.

The now-vanished footage ends with Amir walking away hand-in-hand with his daughter as the valet continues to express regret.

Amir Khan
Amir had his £120k car valeted -Credit:Instagram
Amir's range rover
Amir shares 3 kids with his wife Faryal -Credit:BBC

Although the original post was removed from his main Instagram page, he reposted the clip to his Stories with a self-deprecating "Oops," accompanied by an emoji of a man facepalming. Another user re-uploaded the video, humorously captioning it: "Amir Khan is 1 of 1."

Commenters were less than pleased with his behaviour. One wrote: "No child seat, no seatbelt on and he forgot about her? That's hilarious," Another commented: "Her face was like this ain't my first rodeo."

The couple divide their time between Dubai, London and Amir's hometown of Bolton. Recently, Amir wasn't shy about sharing his thoughts on his own fathering style.

In a BBC podcast named How to Be a Man, he confessed last year: "I think I'm a better dad than their mum. I'm going to get beaten up for this."

Amir Khan with his wife Faryal Makhdoom and their children, (left to right) Lamaisah, Alayna and Muhammad Zaviyar Khan
The couple reside in the UK and Dubai -Credit:Instagram
Faryal and her daughters
Faryal and her daughters

Amir's extravagant £11.5million wedding venue in Bolton has finally seen its first nuptials after a series of setbacks. The opulent 'Dubai-style' tower in Bolton launched in May with a spectacular event as the venue's inaugural bride and groom celebrated their special day.

Footage revealed guests being entertained by violinists amidst palm trees and enjoying fruit canapes served by bow-tied staff, while witnessing the bride's arrival in a horse-drawn carriage and the groom's in a Rolls Royce.

Amir's venue - dubbed 'The Balmayna' - is situated opposite a car wash and a fly-tipping spot and has previously been slammed for 'resembling an office building' and being 'tacky'. Discarded fridges, sofas and dirty mattresses were spotted dumped by fly-tippers near the venue in January this year.

However, snaps from Saturday's event demonstrated how staff had swiftly rectified these issues, with the building's luxurious marble floors and chandeliers showcased for all attendees to admire.