America's Got Talent Quick-Change Magician Couldn't Stop Flirting With Simon Cowell, And I Keep Rewinding His Reactions

 Mandy Muden in America's Got Talent Season 18 Qualifiers.
Mandy Muden in America's Got Talent Season 18 Qualifiers.

Spoilers ahead for the final episodes of America's Got Talent Season 18 qualifiers.

America's Got Talent Season 18 is just one week away from the finale that will reveal whether or not a golden buzzer winner will become the next champion, and the final night of qualifiers involved singers and dancers and the gravity-defying Ramadhani Brothers. One performer whose act I already can't stop rewatching is that of magician Mandy Muden, whose audition earned her a slot in the qualifiers and the chance to turn up the flirting with Simon Cowell. His reactions throughout her performance were great, as well as the compliment he dropped when she finished.

Mandy Muden's qualifiers performance showed off her skills as a magician, but I also would have believed it if she said that she was there as a comedian or a quick-change artist. She combined a number of talents, and found time to banter with Simon Cowell about hitting the town together. It really has to be seen at least once (or multiple times) to really be appreciated, so take a look:

I'm already used to AGT magicians pretending that something went wrong in their performance only to reveal that everything went according to plan, but I did have my doubts about how Mandy Muden would pull off wearing four pairs of trousers as one of the steps in her magic act. I should have had more faith, because she emerged from her wardrobe in what I can only assume is a one-of-a-kind romper, before her final quick change. While I wish that the episode showed Heidi Klum's reaction after she hit her golden buzzer for a quick-change artist a couple seasons ago, Simon Cowell's reactions really were the best.

Legendary talent competition judge Simon Cowell may have an upcoming wedding, but he was a very good sport in going along with Mandy Muden's act, which made it all the funnier. After all, the performance was based on the premise of preparing for a date with Cowell! I definitely got a kick out of whenever the camera would pan over to Cowell to respond to Muden's comments, and – as host Terry Crews noted – he looked like he was having fun from start to finish. I also appreciated that Cowell added some background to Mandy Muden that AGT viewers likely didn't know. He said:

Mandy, you're very funny, really naughty. Look, I'm not saying the magic's the best I've ever seen, but I have seen Mandy on the British show [Britain's Got Talent] before. And what I will say about Mandy is that Mandy... has done all of these terrible little gigs to get to where she's got to, so the fact that you're here in Hollywood tonight, bravo.

Whether or not Mandy Muden advances to the final round to battle it out against all the other competitors who made the finale – including a number of golden buzzer winners – I enjoyed her performance and getting the extra info about how much work she put in to make it to the AGT stage. The competition is stiff as the days count down to the finale, so seeing her get the sincere "bravo" from Cowell after flirting with him as part of the act was a nice way to end her segment.

You can vote for Mandy Muden (or any of the other performers from the last night of qualifiers) to advance to the finale via the AGT app or America's Got Talent website until voting closes on Wednesday, September 20 at 7 a.m. ET. The results will be announced on NBC starting at 8 p.m. ET that night, so time is short! For what you'll be able to find in primetime once America's Got Talent wraps for the season, check out our 2023 TV schedule.