Americans Are Sharing The Everyday Things Europe Has That They Are Verryyy Jealous Of, And I Get It

Recently, I wrote a post about American things that Europeans said they considered luxuries. In the comments of that post, Americans then shared what they consider luxuries in Europe, and here's what they had to say:

Note: Some submissions come from this Reddit thread.

1."Public bathrooms in Europe tend to have longer stall doors that don't leave those huge gaps where you can see people's shoes. It provides more privacy."


Extra-large shoes under stall doors in an animated cartoon

2."I'm jealous of the job security. In the EU, there are certain rules employers must comply with for terminations, including advance notice. There is also a works council process in some cases that employers must comply with before layoffs can take place. In the US, they can pretty much terminate you the same day, in many cases."


3."Public baths and saunas for the community tend not to be wildly expensive in Europe."


Marge from The Simpsons pouring water into a tub

4."Hometown pride. For those of you who have visited Busch Gardens Williamsburg, you’ve walked through those 'old' towns thinking it’s more fairy tale than reality. Not until I actually visited Bavaria did I realize that those places are real, and the people who live there actually take pride in their village and keep them sparkling. I was in awe when I saw a shopkeeper sweeping the sidewalk and gutter in front of his shop. I had never seen that before. As I’ve gotten older and visited more small towns (I’m from the Washington, DC, area), I’ve encountered this occasionally, but not often."


5."The chocolate is so much better. I've been to Europe a few times, and I'm always so impressed."


6."Bidets are a luxury. I used them in Italy, and I really wish we had them here in America."


Ilana from Broad City smiling and sitting on a bidet
Comedy Central

7."As a Chinese American, I envy the depth and variety of European cuisine and food culture. It's so uniquely enlightening when you find similar cooking methods and recipes that were organically developed by cultures that have never met."


8."No high-fructose corn syrup in pretty much every product must be nice."


9."The amount of time off from work in most European countries is incredible. In the US we get two, maybe three weeks of vacation off and 5 to 10 sick days. I would love those five weeks off in the UK or six weeks off in France."


Michael Imperioli, F Murray Abraham, and another actor by the water in The White Lotus

10."Quality cheeses, cured meats, and bread are expensive In the US, but in Europe, you can get them for a couple of euros."


11."I can’t help thinking that France has a bullet train and the US doesn’t. I rode on the TGV in 1995, and it was an incredible ride. Fast, smooth, elegant, and fairly inexpensive, and there was great scenery as well. And, of course, universal healthcare."


Carla from Elite series standing by a hospital bed

12."I like that generally, Europe is a society that is not terrified of sex and nudity."


13."European towns have large pedestrian plazas and streets where automobiles are not allowed. Small, unique shops and restaurants line these plazas. Dining outside is a normal thing."


14."Europeans have WAY better work-life balance. They have so much TIME for lunch, and in Spain, they have siestas (a nap taken in the early afternoon after lunch)! Also, the topless beaches were so normalized. A woman of 70 going topless on the beach was no more noticeable than a 20-year-old."


People on the beach in various states of dress/undress

15.And lastly, "I love their ancient historical buildings. When I go to Europe, I can almost feel the walls' secrets and experiences over many, many centuries. I live in a modern North American city, and once a building shows signs of becoming interesting and historical, it ends up getting ripped down and not restored."


The Piazza della Repubblica in Rome