Exclusive: Amelia Gething on breakfast burgers, Tokyo cafes and dating Bob Ross…

Amelia Gething x Hello! Fashion
Jacket, £3,400, Trousers, £1,700, both Dior. Rings, £2,100 and £8,100, both Dior Joaillerie.

From a young age, Hello! Fashion’s November cover starAmelia Gething, had a deep desire to become an actress, a dream she never let go of.

Despite harbouring a realistic understanding that it might not materialise, she clung to the hope. Although lacking influential connections, her unwavering determination and relentless efforts have led her to achieve her dream at just 24. Amelia utilised social media platforms as a starting point for her journey. Initially, she entertained her family and friends by performing comedy sketches in her living room. Then, in 2016, she took a step further and started sharing her content on YouTube and TikTok.

She recently secured her third significant acting role in the upcoming Sky Atlantic series, Mary & George, where she shares the screen with acclaimed actors Nicola Walker and Julianne Moore.

So how does an up and coming actress with the world at her feet spend her dream day? Well it starts in Barbados “Like by the beach or something with the sun coming through and the sound of the water to wake me up.” Her go-to breakfast would be a vegan burger, “I love having a burger for breakfast.” Then she’d head to Japan “Somewhere in the countryside and just kind of go for a nice little walk or something.” Her dream lunch takes place in the bustling city of Tokyo.

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Amelia Gething x Hello! Fashion
Amelia Gething x Hello! Fashion


Quintessentially imbued with a quirky charm, her dream date would be none other than Bob Ross “because I love him.” She’d take him for dinner on the moon. “He's just so great and calm and chill and he could teach me how to paint something nice,” she tells us.

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Amelia Gething x Hello! Fashion
Dress, POA, Shoes, £1,190, both Dior. Ring, £3,250, Earrings, £3,400, Bracelet, £3,250, all Dior Joaillerie.

For her night out Amelia would wear the celestial Dior jewellery from her Hello! Fashion cover shoot (very apt) and wear “something kind of fun, a vintage space suit kind of thing like barbarella.”

This rising star is already out of this world.