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This clever item is the key to stopping your washing machine from shaking

Washing machine keep shaking? You need this gadget. (Getty Images)

We’re all familiar with the intense rattling sound a washing machine makes when it hits top speed in its spin cycle, especially now that lots of us work from home on a regular basis.

The rattle can be so intense that it can be quite distracting. But what if we told you that we had discovered a fix for this?

That's right, we’ve found a product that will prevent both the loud noise, as well as the plane-taking-off rumbling.

Meet the Steady Spin Anti-Vibration Washing Machine Pad. Costing just £18.50 on Amazon, it has over 2,000 reviews, 80% of which are four and five-star ratings, with shoppers saying they "cannot recommend it enough".

Easy to install and brilliant at stabilising your machine, get it now while it's in stock on Amazon. 

£18 at Amazon

If you're keen to know how it works and if it's worth a spot in your shopping basket, keep reading.

Why we rate it

The gadget is the first (and only) washing machine stabiliser that works from the top of the machine, not the bottom, meaning no heavy lifting.

The top-rated anti-vibration pad will help to absorb energy, reduce noise and also ensure no movement for the entire wash cycle, saving your sanity and floors.

It's a pretty affordable gadget, not to mention easy to install. Simply slip the pad between your machine and counter top before you inflate it with the manual pump.

(Amazon / Steady Spin)
Washing machine getting on your nerves? This gadget may be just what you need. (Amazon / Steady Spin)

£18.50 at Amazon

It's made from double seamed vinyl, which makes it durable enough to withstand the most vigorous washes without puncturing.

Best of all, it's also designed to fit all washing machine models and tumble dryers.

What the reviews say

Don’t just take our word for it. Shoppers have not only praised the pad for securing their wandering washing machine (especially on laminated floors), but also for quieting the vibrations and sound throughout the energetic spin cycle.

"Worth every penny" said one happy shopper, while others said it was a "cheap and easy solution" they would happily recommend to friends, and that it was the "best product" they've purchased all year.

Available to buy now for just over £18, say goodbye to aggressive rattles and loud rumbles!

Shop now: Steady Spin Anti Vibration Washing Machine Pad | £18.50 from Amazon

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