Amazon's new virtual showroom has just made furniture shopping a whole lot easier

Amazon Showroom is the online retailer's new interactive shopping experience [Photo: Amazon]

Trying to find furniture suitable for your living room can be a daunting task. Not only do you have to measure every nook and cranny, but you also have to try to memorise your living space to imagine where your new furniture will go and how it will look.

But if you find this a hassle (who doesn’t?) then Amazon’s new showroom feature will light up your life.

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The online retail giant has today launched Amazon Showroom, an interactive shopping experience which allows you to channel your inner interior designer by helping you visualise furniture in your living room that you can customise to your own tastes.

While you can’t change the showroom or its dimensions yourself, customers are able to customise their wall and floor colour.

They are also able to fill their virtual living room with a plethora of products they can buy directly from Amazon, including swanky floor lamps, colourful sofas, chic wall art and coffee tables in different styles.

Amazon Showroom allows shoppers to visualise their furniture in a virtual living room [Photo: Amazon]

Amazon says that “by clicking on an item in the showroom, customers have three options: to display product details, to replace the product or to show a list of all items in the room.”

Should you like the items in your virtual living room, you can add them to your shopping basket at a click of a button and you can buy the whole room if you want to.

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The new Amazon showroom feature, which has already launched in the US, is part of Amazon’s push to make shopping more interactive and fun, which also includes Amazon Discover and Amazon AR View.

Shoppers can choose their furniture for their virtual living room and buy it at a click of a button [Photo: Amazon]

Customers can receive product recommendations through Amazon Discover, which they can customise by liking or disliking the products through a click or a tap on “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”, while Amazon AR View allows shoppers to project and position a three dimensional image of the selected piece of furniture on their own walls via their smartphone.

We imagine this tool will come in handy on key shopping dates such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as well as Amazon Prime Day 2020, which will see thousands of shoppers search for the best deals available on the online shopping giant.

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