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Amazon shoppers call this bug zapper an 'absolute mosquito buster' — and it's on sale right now for under $35

It's waterproof, safe for pets and will keep various insects at bay.

bug zapper, amazon canada bug zapper with people eating dinner outside/outdoors
This bug zapper is on sale for a limited time on Amazon Canada. (Photo via Amazon)

Now that Mother Nature has blessed us with some warmer days, have you noticed that bugs are already buzzing? Because I certainly have. I love spring and summer, but I can't stand those little buggers up in my space. One of the worst? Mosquitoes. If you're looking forward to bonfires and late-night porch hangouts but don't want to get eaten alive, I suggest checking out the 4200V Bug Zapper from Amazon Canada.

This powerful bug zapper uses a 15W bulb and 4200V high-voltage grid to attract insects and, well, zap them. And right now, you can save a few bucks while it's on sale. Scroll below for more details and reviews.

Save 10 per cent on this Amazon bug zapper.

$34 at Amazon

This high-voltage pest killer provides reliable indoor/outdoor coverage, protecting your space from unwanted company this patio season.

The unit uses a 15W bulb and 4200V electric shock to attract mosquitoes, flies, moths and other insects and then zaps them dead with its high-voltage grid.

Wokalon's bug zapper comes with hanging rings for easy hanging and features a 1.2-metre power cord. It's non-toxic, odourless, efficient and safe, so you don't have to worry about harmful chemicals and pesticides in your home.

With more than 500 reviews, the 4200V Bug Zapper has earned top marks for being lightweight and easy to clean.

"Bugs have no chance" with this machine, writes one shopper. "Zap, zap, zap!"

Another reviewer promises the bug zapper "works like a charm," especially when you're camping. It "zapped all day," they say.

It "works better than anything [else] I have bought," writes a third reviewer; it's "amazing."

the amazon bug zapper and people eating
4200V Bug Zapper. (Photo via Amazon)

$34 $38 at Amazon

One Amazon shopper says the device "wiped out the mosquitos" on their patio, calling it an "absolute mosquito buster!"

Despite dozens of rave reviews, some users say it "would be nice to have a longer cord" and note the zapper can be quite loud.

The 4200V Bug Zapper has quickly become a go-to weapon against pesky flies and mosquitoes for Amazon shoppers. With an average rating of 4.2 stars, reviewers call the zapper an "absolute mosquito buster!"

However, some reviewers note the zapper can be rather noisy, something to keep in mind when placing your order.

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