This clever saucepan divider is the cooking essential you never knew you needed

Maisie Bovingdon
Shopping writer
This saucepan divider is the life hack you never knew you needed

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Juggling all the pots and pans on one stove can be tricky business - especially over Christmas when most of us are cooking vast quantities to feed more mouths than usual.

This is why we were thrilled when we stumbled upon a genius saucepan divider.

The Taylors Eye Witness Saucepan Triple Divider And Separator set from Amazon is one nifty little device: simply slot it into your saucepan to divide the space into three sections.

Rather than cooking one food, you can then boil your potatoes, sprouts and carrots in one pan. Handy, right?

Just because you are cooking your potatoes, Brussels sprouts, potatoes and other veggies in the same container, it doesn’t mean they all have to simmer away for the same duration.

You can start cooking some veggies before others and take other sections out earlier, too, so everything is cooked to perfection.

What’s more, the stainless steel pot dividers are like miniature colanders, which will make it easier for you to strain the food without any peas rolling away down the drain.

Buy it: Saucepan Triple Divider And Separator Set from Amazon | £14.08

That’s not all. The remaining water is perfect to keep for those wanting a basic stock to add to their gravy or any sauces.

The saucepan divider isn’t just ideal for vegetables: use the different compartments to boil eggs and easily lift them out without chasing them around in the pan with a spoon.

This innovative creation is ideal for fish eaters, as you can boil clams, mussels and even squeeze in a lobster if you want to prepare a seafood platter, or a flavoursome linguine.

Amazon shoppers have left the product glowing reviews, with one shopper hailing it the “raddest cooking invention of this generation”.

A separate review read: “They are brilliant! They can be used on any sort of hob. It's fast, clean and saves on power.”

Another praised: “Just the job, saves time cooking and washing up.”

The gadget measures 18cm in width and 10cm in height, and fits most pans with an eight inch diameter.

However, some customers noted the dividers were slightly too tall for their pots. So, be sure to check the size of your pans before you buy.

The saucepan stainless steel divider costs £14.08, and delivery is free for new customers making their first ever order when shipped to the UK or Ireland.