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Amazon Prime Day has deals on household essentials worth buying now: Stock up and save up to 55%

With these Prime Day home deals, you can replenish everything from TP and paper towels to dish soap and detergent for a steal.

Charmin toilet paper, a set of underwear, laundry detergent and a badge that reads: Yahoo! Prime Day Deals
Ready for Prime time: Behold these must-buy deals on household must-haves. (Amazon)

It's Day 2 of Amazon Prime Day, and while you should absolutely snag that on-sale smart TV you've been eyeing, don't forget about the everyday staples! While they might not be as flashy, they're the items we use on a daily basis, and stocking up while they're marked down is a smart way to save big over time. We're seeing lots of deals that'll help you beat inflation and save big on stuff you simply can't — or won't — do without.

Why trust us? Well, as professional shoppers, it's sort of our job to know prices inside and out — and for Prime Day, we've been tracking sale histories and vetting Amazon products around the clock. In short, we know what separates a "blah" deal from a brilliant one, and you can rest assured these fall into the latter camp.

So, what can you get for less? We're seeing sales of up to 55% on tissues, TP, paper towels, batteries, trash bags, undies and more. In many cases, you can get even bigger savings when you sign up for Subscribe & Save — which will also relieve you of having to remember to re-order what you need when you run low. With that in mind, these are the best Prime Day deals on essentials to score right now, but hurry — the sale ends tonight!

These No. 1 bestselling fabric-softening balls can be reused for over a thousand laundry loads. They're made entirely of wool, and they will not only make your washables plush but also shorten their drying time in the process. What's more, they'll save you tons of money on not-so-eco-friendly dryer sheets. At 40% off, consider them our favorite laundry hack.

$12 at Amazon

You know that issue of never having batteries when you need them? Well, your future self will thank you for stocking up with this 32-pack. Better yet? This is the lowest price they've ever been, so there's never been a better time to add these to your cart. 

Save $6 with Prime
$13 at Amazon

You can never stock up on enough socks! And why would you hesitate when this 6-pack bundle from Puma — which 27,000-plus reviewers praise for their comfort and quality — is nearly half off? This is the lowest it's been in months!

Save $8 with Prime
$10 at Amazon

Quite simply, this is one of the softest toilet papers you can buy — if not the softest. You can snag this 6-pack for just $8, so if you buy a bunch of these (or go the Subscribe and Save route), you're talking some serious cash-saving. This paper also features the brand's special "smooth tear" perforations to lower the risk that any paper will go to waste.

$8 at Amazon

Detergent is one of those things you'll always need more of, and it can be a little pricey. This 2-pack is marked down to a super reasonable $21 and is made from 96% plant-based ingredients with zero artificial dyes and fragrances. (It's scented with essential oils and botanical extracts instead.) You'll get 106 loads out of this duo, which is currently on sale for the best price we've seen all year. 

Save $9 with Prime
$21 at Amazon

You're getting the equivalent of 36 single rolls with this 12-pack, meaning you won't have to swap 'em out as quickly. Plus, the choose-a-sheet design means you can tear off a piece sized to fit your needs, and the perforated material helps scrub more efficiently for easier cleanup. This is the best price we've seen 'em for. 

Save $6 with Prime
$27 at Amazon

It's always wise to have backup toothbrushes on hand for guests or travel. These innovative brushes feature nanofibers that reach between teeth, cleaning deeper than standard brushes and even doubling as flossers in a pinch. With bristles finer than a strand of human hair and they are designed to get in between teeth and are soft enough for sensitive gums too. We've yet to see them on sale for much less than this. 

$25 at Amazon

These No. 1 bestselling pillows are hits among hundreds of thousands of Amazon shoppers (really) and Yahoo readers can't stop scooping them up, either. They're made of a cooling gel to help keep those uncomfortable night sweats at bay, and the plush Oeko-Tex Standard certified material will feel like heaven while you sleep. They're not often on sale for 40% off unless it's for a big event like Prime Day.

Check out our full Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows review for more.

Save $24 with coupon
$36 at Amazon

Kiss elephant breath goodbye with the help of this four-pack. It's packed with mini breath strips to deliver freshness as you brush. This fluoride-packed paste also whitens as you brush, giving you a photo-ready smile.

$11 at Amazon

Unfortunately, your home isn't going to clean itself, but you can at least get Mrs. Meyer to pitch in. Her all-purpose cleaning spray comes in the fan-favorite lemon verbena scent and will give your household dirt and grime a good talking-to (i.e., eliminate it). At over 45% off, this deal's a steal, and you'll get an extra 30% off if you opt for Subscribe & Save. 

$5 at Amazon

Forget dish soap for days, you'll have it for months or even years with this multipack. This concentrated spray was designed to tackle caked-on grime like a champ, and quickly too. It's also versatile enough to use on clothing, surfaces, sinks, grills and more. This is by far the lowest we've seen it on sale for. 

Save $5 with Prime
$12 at Amazon

These panties won't ride up and won't roll down — but y'know what they will do? Keep you feeling fresh and covered, a.m. to p.m.! They're tag-free, breathable and seamless, with moisture-wicking fabric to make sweat pile-up a thing of the past. A nylon-spandex blend means they're soft and stretchy too. 

$15 at Amazon

No, running your dishwasher while it's full of dirty dishes doesn't count as cleaning the appliance itself. If you want to get rid of funky odors, these citrus-scented tablets make the job easy — just pop one into the detergent tray and run a normal cycle while the dishwasher is empty. Ahh, much better! This is as low as we've seen this 24-pack drop all year.

Save $9 with Prime
$14 at Amazon

Never want to worry about running out of tissues again (or at least for the foreseeable future)? This mega pack includes an insane 1,500 tissues to help keep runny noses at bay all year long. Each 2-ply sheet is soft and absorbent, and Kleenex thoughtfully made the last 10 tissues in each box a different color to alert you when you're nearing the bottom. You're getting nearly 55% off with this deal, and that's nothing to sneeze at. 

Save $28 with Prime
$24 at Amazon

Don't forget about essentials like these wildly popular trash bags, because you're always gonna need 'em! Reviewers love these for their dual-layer rip and leak protection, flexible, expansive design and odor control. We haven't seen them priced this low in about two years, so grab a bunch while you can save big. 

Save $8 with Prime
$15 at Amazon

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $35 or more.)

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