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Amazon shoppers say this wireless charging pad 'works flawlessly' — and it's only $14

Say goodbye to tangled cables for good with this convenient wireless charging pad.

Amazon shoppers are loving the Nanami Qi Charging Pad. Images via Amazon.
Amazon shoppers are loving the Nanami Qi Charging Pad. Images via Amazon.

There's nothing worse than dealing with tangled cords when you're trying to charge your cellphone or other device — which is where wireless chargers come in.

In case you haven't yet made the switch to the convenient charging method, there's a popular Amazon Canada shopper-favourite that might sway you — and right now, it's only $14.

Nanami Qi Charging Pad

The Nanami Qi Charging Pad is $14 on Amazon. Image via Amazon.
The Nanami Qi Charging Pad is $14 on Amazon. Image via Amazon.

$14 $17 at Amazon

With a sleek, compact design, this charging pad makes a great addition to your desk or nightstand. Since the charger's indicator lights go our after just a few seconds, it's also designed to ensure that you won't be distracted by flashing lights throughout the night.

Simply plug it into your laptop or a USB wall outlet and place your Qi-enabled device on top to begin charging. It even works if you have a case on your device, though the brand recommends cases that have a thickness less than 4mm for best results.

While it may not be compatible with all smartphones and devices, the Nanami charging pad works with popular picks like a range of iPhone models, Samsung and Google devices, AirPods Pro earbuds and more.

'Works flawlessly'

Amazon shoppers have been impressed by the Nanami charger's compact design and ease of use. So much so that it's racked up a 4.1-star average rating from more than 17,000 total reviews.

One reviewer praised its convenient size, noting that it "takes up no space at all" on a desk or other surface.

Another reviewer found that it "works flawlessly" with their iPhone XR. They added that the charger "does not heat up" when in use and it "charges quickly."

NANAMI Qi Charging Pad . Image via Amazon.
NANAMI Qi Charging Pad . Image via Amazon.

$14 $17 at Amazon

'A small miracle'

"This little gadget is a small miracle," raved one reviewer who was experiencing issues with their phone's charging cord.

However, despite the many rave reviews, some shoppers found that using this charging pad can be "finicky" at times. Depending on the placement of where you set down your phone, one reviewer noted that they had "a hard time finding the sweet spot in order to get their phone to charge.

Others were also "disappointed" that the charger doesn't come with a plug adaptor, and instead only includes a USB charging cable.


Given that similar wireless charging pads can cost upwards of $50, the Nanami charger is a definite bargain — though Amazon shoppers say that it still "does the job of the more expensive products."

This charger is both compact and effective, making it an ideal choice for keeping at your desk. If you're considering adding this charger to your next Amazon order, you may just want to add on a wall plug to pair this charging pad with.

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