Amazon launches Kindle e-reader just for kids

The £99.99 tablet is the first Kindle of its kind [Photo: Amazon]

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Amazon’s launched a Kindle for children - perfect for parents who struggle with encouraging their screen-obsessed little one to read.

With stats showing that children who enjoy reading are happier with their lives, curling up with a good book is just as beneficial as it always has been.

Costing £100, the Kindle Kids Edition functions just like the adult version, but has a couple of clever additions to make parents’ lives easier: a protective case and a free, one-year subscription to a Amazon’s child-friendly ‘Fire for Kids Unlimited’ book service.

Boasting over 1,000 books, the online library allows young readers to immerse themselves in the worlds of Harry Potter, Geek Girl and more - with no games, apps or TV shows to distract them.

There’s a smart range of tools in-built to help children tackle more challenging books, too, including a vocabulary and word function that help children learn the definition and usage of words.

All-new Kindle Kids Edition | £99.99 | Shop now

The wireless device also comes armed with weeks of battery life, making an ideal, light solution for holidays or staycations with family.

Plus, it has a two-year guarantee meaning that if your child should damage it with the first 24 months then the e-shopping giant will replace the product free of charge. The worry-free guarantee every parent needs.

There are two brightly coloured cover options - blue and pink - both that open and close just like a book to turn the Kindle on or put it to sleep.

It’s not available just yet - you’ll have to wait until 30 October to buy - but you can pre-order it now, to ensure it arrives in time for Christmas (78 days, FYI).