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Amazon is having a massive sale on the smart bidets shoppers call 'the greatest gift of all time' — from $43

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The past few years have brought about a burgeoning interest in bidets, long a European fancy but now taking root in the 50 states. If you’ve been reluctant to make the transition from paper to water-nozzle cleansing, Amazon’s deals on Bio Bidet toilet seats and attachments might be incentive enough to make the upgrade.

The simplest and most affordable way to make the transition from toilet paper to sparkling clean hiney is with Bio Bidet’s SlimEdge Bidet Attachment. It's a no-plumber install that attaches to your water supply with a quality brass adapter and braided metal hose. It's also the most popular option with more than 20,000 five-star ratings. 

“Not sure if I just have great water pressure or if this thing was built to remove paint, but the first position I find to be very adequate,” wrote one satisfied Amazon reviewer. “The highest position would only be used for a forced enema, or possibly to pressure wash vehicles? Either way, install was fairly straightforward and easy. It works wonderfully; only downfall is I'm going to have to buy more to put on the other toilets in the house, so the kids will quit using mine. We have cut our TP usage by at least 75% which I'm sure our septic system is thankful for.” 

$34 at Amazon
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$35 at Wayfair$48 at Macy's

This attachment has dual nozzles and a battery-powered night light on the control knob so you don't have to fumble around looking for it in the dark.

"We transitioned from using wipes and toilet paper to using a bidet a little over a week ago, and considering we haven't used a bidet before the transition was remarkably comfortable for everyone in the family," wrote a rave reviewer. "The set-up, despite our oddly laid-out bathroom, was easy to do, and the bidet itself is very easy to use. Would definitely recommend it! For not having one for over 50 yrs, I could not imagine not having one. It is fantastic!"

$50 at Amazon
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$64 at Walmart$72 at Macy's

For a warm reception, this attachment gives you the option of a heated seat as well as a warm air dryer.

"We have had one for three years in our master bathroom and the result is our kids only use our bathroom," wrote a five-star fan. "The heated water and seats are pure heaven. I have had no issues with the first one and now we have one in every bathroom."

$291 at Amazon
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$399 at Brookstone$282 at Bed Bath & Beyond

The BB-1000W is a luxury bathroom upgrade. We're talking about a nozzle that delivers a warm water wash in three settings you can control with a wireless remote. There's even an enhanced air dryer to offer a focused and comfy current to help you dry off and a room deodorizer. 

"Our son-in-law was a reluctant convert, but after our daughter insisted he get one, he changed 180 degrees," shared a very happy mom. "They like theirs so well they gave us one to join the game. Who knew we'd be one of 'those' people who make sure they're close to their own toilet/bidet to 'take care of business'? We sure didn't; we sure are." 

$400 at Amazon
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$499 at Wayfair$499 at Lowe's

The Bliss BB2000 features a heated toilet seat and customized water temperature, pressure and nozzle position. Along with a handy night light, this bidet also comes equipped with a wireless remote so you can control all the functions from one spot. It also has a built-in warm-air dryer. This is the elongated toilet seat, but it also comes in a round version as well that's $200 off.

"Bought this for my wife after returning from Okinawa Japan," shared one of more than 2,700 five-star reviewers. "She loves it and it's the greatest gift of all time. Easy to install. Just make sure you have an outlet next to the toilet."

$494 at Amazon
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$549 at Wayfair$699 at Target

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The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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