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Amazon is having a massive sale on cleaning and laundry essentials — save on Finish, Lysol & more

Stock up on disinfectant products, carpet cleaners and more home staples.

Amazon household cleaning products, Lysol, Finish, resolve cleaning products on sale
Amazon is having a sale on household staples — save on Lysol, Finish and more. (Photos via Amazon)

Right now, Amazon Canada has some hot deals on household necessities ahead of Amazon's Big Spring Sale. If you've been waiting for the right moment to stock up on basic must-haves, from disinfectant sprays and dishwasher detergent to carpet cleaners, this is your chance to save a few bucks. With prices climbing, it really adds up these days, but keeping your home clean and in order shouldn't feel stressful. So, here are 14 essentials I'll be tossing into my Amazon cart, and I recommend you give them a look, too.

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You can use these dishwasher tablets once a week to maintain the freshness of your machine. It'll successfully remove hidden grease and grime from places you can't even see.

$10 at Amazon

Bring the comforting scent of lavender and waterlily into your home with this essential oil plug-in. It comes with one refill, too.

$6 at Amazon

These plug-ins will give your space an aroma of clean laundry and pure white lilacs. And they're infused with 100 per cent natural essential oils.

$10 at Amazon

People sometimes forget that their dishwasher needs to be washed, too. This dishwasher cleaner will remove limescale and grease buildup, even in the hidden, unseen parts.

$5 at Amazon

You can keep your door handles, countertops and other hard surfaces bacteria-free with these disinfectant wet wipes. Plus, it'll remove 90 per cent of allergens.

$30 at Amazon

These dishwasher detergent pods are made with three fast-dissolving chambers, so you can expect an intense clean and impeccable shine.

$22 at Amazon

This carpet cleaner will help get rid of any tough stains while leaving your carpets smelling fresh (without any additional scents). 

$21 at Amazon

This air freshener will automatically release bursts of scent to keep your home smelling fresh. Each bottle will last up to 70 days, so there's no need to refill it constantly.

$14 at Amazon

Nothing is worse than water spots or food particles on freshly cleaned dishes, and this dishwasher rinse aid will help prevent that.

$13 at Amazon

This all-in-one disinfectant spray works on both hard and soft surfaces, killing 99.9 per cent of viruses and bacteria. It's travel size, so you can bring it on the go while travelling.

$33 at Amazon

These tough magic erasers will clean dirt off virtually any surface, even your white sneakers. You'll get six magic erasers.

$8 at Amazon

This kit will help you finally ditch the mop and bucket, helping you clean your wood floors in half the time. It comes equipped with a PowerMop, two pad refills, one cleaning solution and two batteries.

$38 at Amazon

This kit will help you remove any excess lint that has built up in the depths of your dryer. Trust me, you'd be surprised at the buildup — and this handy tool can help prevent dryer fires.

$19 at Amazon

Batteries are a household staple. These powerful AAAs are packed with 4x the power boost ingredients, ensuring they last super long.

$10 at Amazon

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