Amazon introduces AWS Supply Chain to help bring order to supply chain chaos

Over the last several years, we’ve seen supply chain disruptions the likes of which we haven’t seen previously. The pandemic led to a series of issues that spiraled into a full-blown supply chain crisis.

Amazon wants to put AWS technology to work on the problem, and today the company announced a new supply chain solution at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas.

AWS CEO Adam Selipsky talked about the supply chain disruptions in today's keynote. "The last few years have highlighted the importance of supply chain resilience; from baby formula shortages to ships circling ports unable to unload, the disruptions have been widespread. Addressing supply chain issues around inventory is especially critical," he said.

And that is an area where the company wants to put its strengths to work with a new solution called AWS Supply Chain.

"So today I am thrilled to announce the preview of AWS Supply Chain, a new cloud application that improves supply chain visibility, delivers actionable insights to help customers mitigate supply chain risks and lower costs. With AWS Supply Chain you get a unified view of your supply chain data, ML-powered insights, recommended actions and built-in collaboration capabilities, so you can react quickly to unexpected issues," Selipsky explained.

Selipsky says that the solution is designed to strip away the complexity associated with managing this kind of data. "First, with just a few clicks you connect your supply chain data from SAP, EDI or other sources like warehouse management or order management systems. Then AWS Supply Chain automatically sets up a data lake using ML models that have been pre-trained to understand, extract and transform disparate incompatible data into a unified data model."

It then lets you display your supply chain data on a map, and drill down on specific locations to find where inventory is and how you can eliminate issues in any particular location, all while communicating with supply chain managers across your organization from the same tool.

AWS Supply Chain data map showing locations and inventories in each location.
AWS Supply Chain data map showing locations and inventories in each location.

Image Credits: AWS

"AWS supply chain helps you mitigate risk and lower cost by giving you a unified supply chain and surfacing the best actionable insights, all with a single pricing and no upfront licensing fees," he said -- and he promised as is often the case with AWS annoucements, this is just the start.

Over time the company plans to add additional functionality and linkages. "And this is just the beginning. We're going to continue to invest here and work to solve your hardest supply chain problems," he said.

AWS Supply Chain is available in preview starting today.

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