This viral-hit £3 product cleans everything - including walls, cars and trainers

The Pink Stuff has proved to be a huge hit when it comes to cleaning the home, cars, and even people's trainers.  (Getty Images)
The Pink Stuff has proved to be immensely popular for cleaning the home, car or even trainers. (Getty Images)

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During lockdown, many of us have taken the opportunity to tick chores off our long to-do list.

While sprucing up our homes we've discovered there is one cleaning product that produces such impressive results, it's even taken the TikTok sphere by storm.

The Pink Stuff contains vegetable oil to help remove tough grime, plus it’s non toxic, is made from 99% natural ingredients and isn’t tested on animals.

The product, which has been described as “miracle cleaning paste” by the brand Stardrops, was first introduced to us by cleaning guru Mrs Hinch.

The Pink Stuff has now become a global sensation as TikTok users across the world have shown their appreciation for the bargain household cleaner, which can also be used outside of the home and in our wardrobes too - who would have thought it?

From cleaning kitchen surfaces and greasy hobs, to cars and trainers, this tub cleans it all.

It cleans marked walls and furniture

One TikTok user trialled The Pink Stuff on a painted door, which was covered in pen marks, and with only a touch of the paste the marks were gone.

It can remove car scratches

While most customers use the cleaning paste inside the home, it can also be used outdoors as well. This TikTok user tested it on her car to remove paint marks, which did not budge by rubbing with a cloth alone.

It restores home furnishings

One social media user was surprised to find that within seconds the product worked its magic on her rusty door handle, as it removed all the grease and grime to show a sparkling new handle.

It cleans grease marks off kitchen appliances

We all know cooking units and hobs need some real elbow grease to get rid of food stains, oil marks and dirt that has built up. But one student demonstrated that The Pink Stuff cuts through all the muck on the cooking surfaces in her university accommodation - and that is saying something.

It can get trainers looking brand new

It’s a sad moment when you put on your favourite white trainers, only to realise - they aren’t so white anymore.

While some may have trialled toothpaste, soap and bicarbonate of soda to get rid of the dirt and scuff marks on their shoes, those techniques don’t quite cut the mustard. However, one shopper used The Pink Stuff to restore their trainers and had them looking brand new.

Buy it: Stardrops The Pink Stuff Paste 500g | £3.93 from Amazon

Stardrops Pink Stuff Paste 500g
Stardrops Pink Stuff Paste 500g

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