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Amazon Big Spring Sale: This car cleaning gel has over 63,000 reviews — and you can shop it for $11

Plus more car deals to shop during the spring sale.

someone using the car cleaning gel from Amazon
Clean the hard-to-reach spots of your car and crevices of your home with this gel — on sale during Amazon's Big Spring Sale. (Photos via Amazon)

Cars accumulate so much dirt and dust — especially during the winter — and it can be a pain to clean. Regular car vacuums do their job, but sometimes you need something extra for those bits of debris hiding in the tightest corners. This is what the Ticarve Cleaning Gel on Amazon Canada was made for — and it's on sale during Amazon's Big Spring Sale, which is happening right now. For just $11, this squishy putty makes cleaning those tricky spots a breeze — the air vents, cup holders and console panels. Keep scrolling to discover why it's racked up thousands of five-star reviews from Amazon shoppers.

Save on this fan-favourite cleaning gel for car detailing.

$11 at Amazon

The details

Beyond your vehicle, the car detailing gel works on other difficult-to-clean items such as computer keyboards, calculators and household objects like lamps and TV remotes. The goop is sticky to dust but not to hands and won't leave behind a residue. Plus, it features a light scent, leaving a pleasant smell in your vehicle.

TICARVE's cleaning gel is super easy to use — just press the gel up against a surface and slowly pull back to remove any dust. When you’re finished using it, put it back into its container and keep it in a cool place like the glove compartment for safekeeping. Best of all the TICARVE Cleaning Gel can be used over and over again. Change of colour will indicate when it’s ready to be replaced.

Why reviewers love it

⭐️ 3.9/5 stars

💬 63,000+ reviews

🏆 "This slime was not only easy to use, it did the job efficiently and effortlessly."

As one of Amazon's most popular car detailing tools, shoppers say the cleaning gel is "perfect for hard to get to areas!"

One Amazon shopper says the product does "exactly what it says it does," and they were "surprised" by how easily it picked up dust and debris, especially from vents and cup holders.

"This is really good stuff," explains another shopper who says that it picks up dust and debris better "than the best hand duster." They added that it even pulled cat hair off the couch "without leaving a slimy mess."

However, despite 63,000 reviews, some shoppers note the product has a short lifespan.

"I liked it, but it didn't last as long as I expected," writes one shopper, who said that it "felt really gritty" after just a couple of uses.

Another reviewer also noted that it's difficult to remove crumbs and dust.

The verdict

With an average rating of 3.9 stars, this on-sale cleaning gel is an affordable way to detail your vehicle. However, if you're looking for a long-lasting investment, some shoppers advise that the putty won't last for more than a few uses.

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