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Replace your jumble of measuring spoons with this one adjustable tool — it's down to just $6 at Amazon

With 12 measurements in one, you'll be able to portion out both dry and liquid ingredients.

If you love cooking and baking, you know how important having the right kitchen tools is. But sometimes, less is more. After all, not all of us have an abundance of drawer and cabinet space for storing countless doodads. (And who wants to wash 'em, anyway?) That's why when a product as genius as the Joseph Joseph Measure-Up Adjustable Measuring Spoon crosses our radar, we get excited. This smart gadget is like having a whole set of measuring spoons in one compact object — just slide its movable handle to your desired amount, rather than dealing with a bunch of tiny scoopers.

Did we mention it happens to be marked down during Amazon's Winter Sale? Go ahead and add this game-changing gizmo to your cart while you can save!

With 12 measurements in one, this handy helper works with both dry and liquid ingredients, and its slim profile fits into many spice jars. 

$8 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

Our price trackers tell us that this is the lowest it's been in over a month, and it's currently only a dollar more than it was at its all-time lowest price. Plus, $6 is a steal considering you're getting an entire set of measuring spoons in one.

Why do I need this?

Just think of how much neater your kitchen drawers will look without a slew of stray measuring spoons scattered about. And even if you have the types that stay together on a ring, it's a pain to have to take each one off to clean.

On the other hand, this adjustable measuring spoon allows you to select between a quarter teaspoon and one tablespoon when working with dry ingredients, and one milliliter to 15 milliliters for liquids. No switching out spoons or fumbling around your drawers to find the one you're looking for.

To use, just move the sliding handle until the little arrows match the amount you need, and voila! The measurements are conveniently etched in, so you won't have to worry about them rubbing off over time. And when it's time to clean, just pop the handle off and place both pieces in the dishwasher.

hand using the adjustable measuring spoon while baking
Yeah, we're wishing we'd invented the adjustable measuring spoon too. (Amazon)

What reviewers say

Over 1,200 Amazon customers are loving this adjustable measuring spoon.

One happy home cook, who called it the "coolest invention for a small kitchen," wrote: "I live in a studio apartment with exactly one drawer in my kitchen, so space is definitely at a premium and this little gadget replaces about eight measuring spoons I used to have cluttering up my drawer."

"It's great to have just one measuring spoon that you easily calibrate to the measurement required for each spice, and it fits into most commercial spice jars because of its slim rectangular shape," noted another satisfied shopper.

Even the pros love it! "I’m a culinary student, and everyone in class, including the chefs, ask about this and where I got [it]," shared a third reviewer. "100% recommend this product."

"Fantastic product," gushed a final fan. "I just wish the numbers were a little bit bigger and easier to read, but it has saved space in the kitchen and I used [it] a lot when I was making my Christmas cookies."

Functionality aside, we're also digging that cute blue hue!

$8 at Amazon

Want to save even more space? This multi-use sponge holder is also on sale:

Counter puddles, be gone! Made from stainless steel, this durable caddy offers a space for your sponges, a round scrub-brush holder and a little bar for hanging a washcloth or scouring pad.

"Now my counter is clear!" exclaimed a fan. "[I] purchased these so I didn't have my sponge and brushes sitting on the counter for everyone to see. The suction cups have never failed. The stainless has held up well. Very helpful and inexpensive kitchen accessory."

$10 at Amazon

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