Amanda Holden claims unexpected beauty tip makes her look '10 years younger'

Amanda Holden let us into the secret of her youthful looks. (Getty Images)
Amanda Holden let us into the secret of her youthful looks. (Getty Images)

Amanda Holden has let us into the secret to her youthful looks and it’s not quite the luxurious skincare secret we were expecting.

The 49-year-old Heart breakfast presenter shared her tip to get rid of dark circles and under-eye wrinkles, branding the trick “amazing”.

Listeners including Holden’s co-host Jamie Theakston were left open mouthed after she revealed her hack to youthful looking skin is haemorrhoid cream.

Like us, Theakston had questions.

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“Instead of using teabags under your eyes, or expensive eye creams, I've got what you all need,” Holden admitted to listeners.

“Just dab some haemorrhoid cream under those puppies and you'll be looking 10 years younger.”

The tip, which people have differing opinions on, is a rather old trick that some make-up artists swear by.

Wanting to learn more about this unusual recommendation, Theakston asked Holden what the benefits of using the cream – typically used to treat piles – are.

“Well,” she said, “it's for a veiny area in the first place, right? So it decreases the visibility of wrinkles and dark circles.

“It's an amazing trick, just try it out for yourselves and trust me, you'll never go back!”

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Holden isn’t the first to gush about this old skincare trick, with Kim Kardashian’s make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic revealing it was his go-to tip in a live make-up masterclass.

He said: “It tightens the skin. That's a really old, old trick. It smells really bad but it works.”

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Holden is often praised for her youthful looks and attitude, with the mum-of-two regularly getting involved in her daughter’s TikTok videos. Hollie, 8 and Alexa, 14 are often featured on the Britain’s Got Talent judge’s Instagram page.

Just recently, she wowed fans by turning up to work in a dress made entirely of money. If you think that’s the first interesting ensemble she has worn during the coronavirus lockdown, you’d be wrong.

The no-nonsense presenter also spent her lockdown dressing up to do menial household tasks like putting the bins out.

She took a photo of herself wearing a thigh-high split gown by British couture label Jennifer Clair and stilettos for an “outing” in Richmond, where she proceeded to simply take a bin out.

The high-fashion moment was part of a trend where people donned their finest outfits to do household jobs, since nobody could leave their homes at the time due to lockdown.

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