Amanda Holden on ageless style, sharing clothes with her daughters, and the one trend she'd ban

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Amanda Holden on ageless style, mullets and heels courtesy lipsy

I may not be an avid watcher of Britain's Got Talent, listener of Heart Breakfast, or one of her 2.2 million Instagram followers (yet), but within the first few minutes of my conversation with Amanda Holden, I can completely understand the hype.

Refreshingly open, warm, giggly and upbeat, our phone call feels more like a chat with a friend than it does an interview – and it's this same authenticity and bright demeanour that has made her one of the best-loved personalities in British showbiz.

That, and a lot of hard graft too. 'I've got a good work ethic, and I always have,' she tells me. 'Both my mum and gran were big workers, so I must have got it from them. I don't sleep in too much, and I make the most of every minute of my day.' During the week, that means getting up at 5am in order to host her Heart radio show alongside Jamie Theakston, which boasts an impressive 4.6 million listeners, making it the U.K.'s biggest commercial breakfast show.

'I was never a morning person, but I certainly am now,' she laughs. 'I usually get about six hours' sleep a night, seven if I'm really lucky.'

Rather than going home for a well-deserved cat nap after recording, however, 'I then go and do everything else' – be that filming a new TV series, being a judge on BGT, developing her Revolution make-up and skincare lines, keeping up her fitness routine, attending glitzy red carpet events, spending time with family and friends, or working on her latest endeavour: a fashion collaboration with Lipsy.

a woman in a white dress

'I'm really, really happy with this collection, it all looks so lovely and feels very bougie,' she says of her just-released 20-piece spring/summer capsule for the British high-street brand. 'I'm all about colour in the summer, so there's lots of that, and there are also some more neutral, low-key staples. We've introduced swimwear too because obviously I wear a lot of bikinis across the year, so I was keen to put my mark on some of my own.'

Her favourite pieces from the collection? 'There's a gorgeous, shocking pink dress that I love, and a patterned white-and-blue one that I have been desperate to wear – but it's been p***ing it down!'

The idea behind the collaboration was to create joy-inducing, affordable, good-quality clothes that can be enjoyed by women of all shapes, sizes and ages: 'I hate it when there's an age put on fashion – the idea that you can't get your knees or your arms out if you're a certain age,' says Amanda. 'I don't think like that. I dress for myself and other women, and I really try to encourage self-confidence. You can often change how you feel by feeling good in what you're wearing – it's like armour, isn't it? Putting on your eyelashes, putting on a fabulous dress... You can face the day. I just hope that a woman seeing this collection will say, "Do you know what? I'm gonna wear that. She's 53, I'm 53, I'm going to bloody wear it!"'

But it's not only older women who love and want to copy Amanda's self-described signature 'sassy but classic' style... 'My daughters steal everything from me!' she laughs. 'They both wore my favourite blue and white dress from the Lipsy collection when we were on holiday, before I even had a chance to.'

Amanda's daughters, Alexa and Hollie, are aged 18 and 12 respectively – but the fact that all three wear the same dress and shoe size means 'everyone nicks everything'. 'I trust my 18-year-old with some of the posher stuff I have in my wardrobe, but 100% I wouldn't trust my youngest with any of it. Just the other day, she borrowed a cream tracksuit of mine, and just as I said "please tuck a tea towel into that, Hollie", her omelette went down it and you just go "oh gosh, I just give up"'.

But there are some upsides to sharing, too. 'The good thing is that when we go on holiday we only ever take hand luggage, because fitting in all the same stuff means between us we have so many things to wear.'

The fact her daughters want to borrow her clothes at all is 'a compliment,' in Amanda's eyes. 'I'm all for having classic capsule pieces in your wardrobe that you can pass down. Plus, trends always come back around. Like, my 18-year-old is now in my original Maharishis that I was wearing in the 90s with little crop tops! I like timeless pieces that are cool, but not too nuts. I obviously wouldn't wear some of the stuff that's out there now.'

I ask whether she'd try the naked dressing trend, for example. 'Oh, well obviously!' she laughs. 'I think it's all a bit of fun, isn't it? And I'm all for that.' Amanda draws the line at the return of those 'huge big buckled World Wrestling Champion-style belts' from the 2000s, however – and mullets. 'I just hate them. I think they're the most unattractive, goofy hairstyle in the world. If I had boys, I'd ban them from having them. In fact, if it was up to me, I'd just ban mullets altogether!'

a woman in a blue dress on a wooden deck by the water

One fashion item Amanda won't be giving up anytime soon, however, is heels – of which she owns 'hundreds'. 'I can literally run better in a massive pair of [Christian Louboutin] So Kates than I can in my running shoes,' she laughs. 'I'm only five foot five, but I think people think I'm a lot taller because I've always worn heels. They make me feel super confident and super sexy, like I sort of own the day. I feel a lot stronger. The only time you'll see me without them is on holiday, when I wear flip-flops – and my husband takes the mickey out of me because it means he can rest his chin on the top of my head.'

By her own admission, being comfortable is not her top priority when it comes to fashion. 'I wish I could say that I dress for comfort, but I definitely don't. I try and show off what I think are my best bits while I still can, so I'll often have a bit of leg or a bit of hip out... I'm lucky that I have plenty of opportunities to wear sparkles and big old frocks, so why not make the most of it?'

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