Amal Clooney proves 'jeans and a nice top' is a timeless staple at any age

Amal Clooney's jeans-and-a-nice-top combination was one of three outfit changes. (Getty Images)
Amal Clooney's jeans-and-a-nice-top combination was one of three outfit changes. (Getty Images)

Human rights lawyer Amal Clooney took a break from preparing to address the UN’s economic and social council on the situation in Ukraine to have dinner with her mother Baria Alamuddin on Tuesday evening.

The 44-year-old lawyer stepped out in Midtown Manhattan in an elevated 'jeans-and-a-nice-top' outfit as she went to dine with her mother.

The combination of jeans (self explanatory) and a “nice top” (think sparkles, lace, rhinestone, whatever Y2K embellishment was “in” at the time) was a signifier for late ‘90s and early ‘00s fashion, for both celebrities and the public.

Amal Clooney in New York
Amal Clooney was the epitome of contemporary cool in her glistening top and jeans combination. (Getty Images)

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However, Amal Clooney has updated the look for a modern, yet timeless, take on the nostalgic trend, proving that when done right, the ‘party top’ really can be a smart and sexy option at any age.

Not only do Clooney’s deep-blue high-waisted jeans sit perfectly on the hips, they fit into the loose-but-not-baggy category of jeans that looks simultaneously laidback and put-together.

Next, the sequinned top with spaghetti straps was a nod to the Y2K trend without going into full rhinestone territory, and with a smart black blazer shrugged over the top, Clooney nailed the grown-up way to achieve the smart-yet-sexy fashion brief for spring.

Amal Clooney in New York
Clooney' all-white outfit has been likened to those worn by Angelina Jolie. (Getty Images)

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The mother-of-two dialled up the glamour with dazzling diamond earrings, seen underneath her signature shiny blow dry, silver Gianvito Rossi stilettos, and a black mini top-handle bag (another nod to spring’s top trends).

Not only did Amal Clooney bring hope of achieving the grown-up, smart but sexy look (without reaching for a crop top) to many over 30s, she also nailed not one, but two more enviable looks in the space of 24 hours.

Amal Clooney addresses economic and social council at the UN on the situation in Ukraine
The human right's lawyer changed into a spotted dress to address the economic and social council at the UN on the situation in Ukraine. (Getty Images)

The lawyer stepped out wearing an all-white outfit on Wednesday, nailing the glamorous executive style for which she has become known. Fans couldn’t help but notice the resemblance of the white dress and light coat combination to a similar style regularly worn by a friend of her husband, Angelina Jolie.

Later on Wednesday afternoon, Clooney chose a polka-dot black midi skirt and jacket combination to address the UN council, accessorising with black stilettos, larger-than-life sunglasses to shield from the paparazzi and a larger handbag for her casework.

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