Altar society preparing quiche, salad and sweets for Thursday

Apr. 24—Sue McBride and some of her friends have a secret for great quiche.

"We use either whipping cream or half-and-half," McBride said. "You don't want to use just milk."

People can enjoy such quiche at the St. Joseph Catholic Church Altar Society's annual quiche and salad luncheon and bake sale, 11 a.m. Thursday at St. Joseph Catholic Church, 321 N. Virginia St. Cost is $10.

McBride, an altar society member, said she learned by trial and error how to make the dish.

"When I first started making quiche, I worried that it might not set up," she said. "Half and half makes the difference, or whipping cream. You can't have anything too moist, or the quiche would never set up."

She said she plans to bring her asparagus quiche, which includes bacon, green onion, nutmeg, salt and pepper.

"And someone asked me today 'are you bringing your Jell-O and pretzel salad,'" she said.

The Altar Society has held a spring quiche and salad luncheon for more than 30 years. It has become popular.

"People will be waiting in line to do this," McBride said, adding that more than 200 visitors could show up for the feast."

Visitors can expect more than 50 varieties of salad and 40 different quiches, she said.

At least 40 volunteers, including St. Joseph Catholic School honor students, will help serve.

Salads include a spinach, strawberry salad with greens from member Mary Upchurch's garden. Upchurch said she puts red onions and a vinaigrette or poppyseed dressing on it.

"You can add walnuts to it if you want," Upchurch said.

A separate bake sale will offer sweets and baked goods.

Isabel Cockle said she squeezes real lemons for her lemon bars.

"They make you pucker up," she said. "If you like sour, they're real good."

McBride said luncheon proceeds help pay for needs of the church altar "whether it is the hosts, the wine, the candles, vestments for priest and servers or religious articles."

Proceeds also benefit the Council of Catholic Women.

"We also donate money for parish needs," she said. "Maybe there is a youth group that needs something, or the school."