Alison Hammond says she wants a house of 25 pooches after Love of Dogs

Alison Hammond confessed she was finding it hard not to adopt pooches after hosting For the Love of Dogs.

Credit: Lorraine / ITV / ITVX

Video transcript

ALISON HAMMOND: I have a house of 25 dogs now.

- You will. That is unbelievable.

ALISON HAMMOND: It's so, so hard. But what I've realized by doing the show is you have to be responsible. Obviously, my life is so busy at the moment. I want to be there for my dog. But what I've realized is if I ever do have a dog, when I have a dog when I'm older, I'm having it from Battersea without a doubt. Why would you go to a breeder? Just go to Battersea. There's so many lovely, beautiful dogs.

- And you're--