Alison Hammond and GBBO’s Laura Adlington criticise ‘fancy spas’ for excluding plus-size guests

Former Great British Bake Off contestant Laura Adlington posted a clip asking spas to provide inclusive sized robes (Instagram/Laura Adlington)
Former Great British Bake Off contestant Laura Adlington posted a clip asking spas to provide inclusive sized robes (Instagram/Laura Adlington)

Alison Hammond and former Great British Bake Off contestant Laura Adlington have called out “fancy spas” for not providing bathrobes in inclusive sizes for plus-size guests.

Adlington, who competed in the 2020 baking competition and finished as a runner-up, posted a clip of herself on Instagram wearing a white robe that could not be closed at the front.

The too-small robe that she was provided with left her front more exposed.

The baker wrote in text over the clip: “Dear fancy spas… Bigger people want to enjoy the treatments too. Please make your robes inclusive. It really ruins the experience for us when they don’t fit.”

She added in the caption: “When the label says, ‘One size fits all’.”

Hammond commented on the post and shared her frustration about the lack of sizes when it came to robes provided by luxury spas.

“So true I take my own now,” she wrote. “However I did go to Champneys Spas and they gave me a 3XL. I felt so happy.”

Other fans of Adlington’s also agreed with her, with some adding other places where inclusive sizing would give plus-sized people a much better experience.

One person wrote: “Can you add hospital gowns too Laura please? I was so embarrassed recently when my gown didn’t meet at the back.”

Adlington responded: “That’s made me so angry!!! No need for that.”

Laura Adlington (Laura Adlington)
Laura Adlington (Laura Adlington)

Several others said hotel towels should also come in larger sizes, with one person writing: “Raise your hand if you’ve also felt personally victimised by teeny, tiny hotel towels too. Actually ridiculous that corporations still believe one size fits all is a thing.”

Adlington regularly speaks out about body image and often shares inspirational posts about being body positive on social media.

Earlier this year, she told the MailOnline that she “always just felt like a real outsider” because she rarely saw anyone who looked like her in popular media.

“After Bake Off, I was getting all these messages from women saying, ‘It’s really refreshing to see a bigger woman on TV, especially around food,” she said.

“I think it’s very hard to love yourself sometimes when the world doesn’t love you back and the world isn’t always kind to you if you’re in a bigger body.

“So I kind of do what I do to help other people hopefully feel a bit better about themselves in a world full of Kardashians.”