Alison Brie almost went blind when she was seven

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 credit:Bang Showbiz
credit:Bang Showbiz

Alison Brie almost went blind when she was seven.

The former ‘Community’ star says she “was hysterical” when she woke up - after suffering a concussion on the playground at school - and couldn’t see anything when her dad picked up to take her to the hospital during a recent appearance on the podcast 'Hypochondriactor'.

The 39-year-old told hosts Sean Hayes and Dr Priyanka Wali - who warned that keeping conscious after a suspected concussion was best - on Wednesday (11.05.22): "My dad arrives and I sort of don't remember anything. Like the next part of my memory is, I'm in the backseat of my dad's car and boom. I can't see a thing. It's sort of like how, when you close your eyes, it's black, but you can a little bit see light and shadows."

"I was hysterical. I start hysterically crying because I could feel myself trying to open my eyes as wide as possible … It wasn't computing. And I think that was part of the hystericalness too, was like, 'Oh my God.' Like realizing that I was blind. And then sort of just being like, 'Now I'm just blind?'”

After getting the hospital - following a collision with another car that flung a baby Alison to the floor of the car - with the help of a family friend, she was told if “her vision doesn't come back in 12 hours, she'll likely be blind for the rest of her life."

Alison said: "I know they did the CAT scan on me and I think they did knock me out because I was just too upset. "And they told my parents, if her vision doesn't come back in 12 hours, she'll likely be blind for the rest of her life.”

However, the ‘Promising Young Woman’ star - who is married to actor Dave Franco - got her happy ending and her sight back.

Alisons said: "The next thing I remember is, I wake up. It's been about 10 hours. I wake up in a hospital bed and my parents like shoot towards me in my hospital bed. Like they're hysterical, [asking], 'Can you see me?' Which to me, and at this point I sort of have no recollection. You know, I like wake up in this hospital bed. I can see everybody. I'm like, 'Yeah?' "

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