'Alien yoga' is the latest totally weird fitness trend

Don’t try this at home [Photo: Instagram/botafogo_russia]

Not all weird and wonderful Instagram trends have much of a point to them – whether that’s Ikea-inspired DIY fashion or glitter bums.

But besides looking totally bizarre, the latest Instagram fitness trend, alien yoga, is supposed to have its health benefits.

A series of unusual stomach contortions, the move is otherwise known as Nauli and has actually been around for years, though isn’t often taught in Western and mainstream yoga classes.

It’s achieved by exhaling entirely and pulling your abdomen under your rib cage in a series of circular movements, and is considered to be one of the ‘cleaning’ exercises within yoga; massaging the digestive organs and small intestine along with your other internal belly organs.

We would say it’s harder than it looks but, to be honest, it never looked easy in the first place – it’s (logically) considered a difficult exercise that’s best taught by a yoga expert to prevent discomfort or injury.

Oh, and if you’re pregnant or have any gastro-related illnesses, it might be best to give it a miss.

Thanks to its freaky appearance and health benefits, it’s not surprising that it’s been such a hit online among yogis and the plain curious.

Fancy learning how to do it yourself?

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